Movie Review – Thandavam

Posted: June 16, 2013 in Movie Reviews
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When is Vikram going to understand that he’s a proven actor and stop doing all these silly acts? The concept of bounded script never really existed in Tamil cinema. Even if it had existed Vikram had never had a chance to see one off late. Give him a call and tell him that he’s going to perform a character with obnoxious disorder he signs the film. I wouldn’t have regretted if he had done all those performances just on the surface level to show off his acting skills. He does so much home work, learns a lot and lets us know what really is that obnoxious disorder but that does no good to the film. So he ends up as a clown who performs brilliantly. People instead of laughing while watching the film laugh at him for his act.


Second mistake he does is the image that he expects. He always wants larger than life character. Whenever people ask question about this he happily says that this has happened to him after happens. Come on Vikram, s**t happens, you got to move on. Anniyan is the type of film where the grandeur was necessary not for films thereafter.

Having loathed my angst lets come to the review. Good that I booked tickets for Thandavam in a local theatre so that I could see some banners and people shouting for my favorite actor. At least that gave me some pleasure. But guess what the highest whistle and claps came for the scene where Santhanam says a dialogue about Ajith. Crowds were typical Vikram film crowds. Those knowledgeable film goers like me who call themselves Vikram fans but come out and criticize the movie instead of going gaga about their favorite actor.  

Thandavam doesn’t have the necessary pace to engage the audience even for the initial few minutes. Vikram keeps quiet for most of his blind act and so does the audience. In fact the first few minutes are severely clichéd with a blind person killing someone but not hurting an ant. A foreigner born to a Indian dad and English mother. Initially hating the blind person and liking him in one go. There is that car accident on the road which every blind person seems to endure. After killing the first person Vikram opens his stick and then the director’s name is flashed on screen. Wow Vijay, what an imagination. Please go get yourself a break. If you really want to put your name in any of those fascinating scenes watch Bhagyaraj’s films and see where that genius flashes his name in the film.

I don’t want to be harsh on Vijay, I don’t have the right to. Instead I’ll be harsh on Vikram, whose fan I’m. Having said that the blind act with human echolocation concept was far from satisfactory and boring. Then comes the flashback. Even flashback could be divided into two. The before marriage one which happens in the first half and the second half one.

It takes us a few minutes for us as well as Vikram to set into the role of a normal guy. Well, think when has this guy been a normal person. The last was Maja and nothing after that. Here he plays a groom who’s not interested in marriage. Every emotion of his was real. It was really soothing to see him in such role. The kind of maturity he displays. I was about the hate the makeup artist for Anushka’s make up but the yellow overtone was there in just the first half which gave the impression of family girl. It was a shock for me too when I discovered that Anushka is not a village girl. How easily we get lost by the looks? The skepticism was brilliant in first half of the flash back. Vikram and Anushka showed us how good an actor’s they are.

Then the film again goes to the present mode and the boring key board back ground music accentuates the boredom. Who said one can’t make an unruly crowd sit in their seats for a family story. I saw the people sitting and enjoying the flashback. Once the present scenes came there was a collective sigh. One guy even shouted, “antha kadhayayae podungalaen da.” In those present mode scenes there was nothing for the viewers to get engaged nor for the audience, except for the six pack abs which Vikram flashes for a couple of minutes. Good that he didn’t remove his shirt every now and then just because he had a six pack.

The second half flashback scene happens and it shows the matured romance between two self centered individuals who want their space. How beautiful it was. It was the chemistry which everyone had talked of. This movie could have worked well like Ghajini given that the songs were good and the story had some grip. Even though flashback scenes were not as charming as the ones in Ghajini mature film goers would definitely appreciate the tension between the two lead characters.

The movie ends with Vikram killing every one of them in five different ways. *yawn* How many times is he going to do this. The movie in the end becomes a stale food.

Now the most disheartening thing is this review will be pointed out by others and said, “See even Vikram fan hates the film.”


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