Movie Review – Talaash

Posted: June 16, 2013 in Movie Reviews
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There is silence everywhere right from the titles to Amir Khans sob during the climax. It’s an outright thriller alright but a thriller which makes you think without any cheap tricks. We’re obviously cheated and I hated it when Kareena appeared as a ghost. It didn’t give me a shock instead I loathed myself for not finding it. May be because I watched Pizza the week before and loved every bit of it and also liked the way I was cheated. So I don’t have a problem with getting cheated. Then why I started neglecting the film and couldn’t know what my opinion is when I found out the truth. Here is what I’ve got to say.


Talaash has a heavy casting, has a brand Amir image all over it. Anything he does just out of the box will be hugely appreciated and hailed as if it’s the best an actor can do. If Kareena had not been a ghost and if Amir had unraveled the mystery even I wouldn’t have thought so much. It would have become one of my favorite movies of Amir Khan and I would have given a spontaneous positive review.

But here is a man after enjoying stardom for the last decade getting into movies which any top notch star wouldn’t have dared to. An actor like Abhey Deol doing this movie is thinkable but it’s Amir. The best sequence of the movie is the candid talk between Kareena and Aamir during the start of second half of the movie. Close ups, tears, agony, silence and some brilliant acting by both of them. It’s easy to appreciate Kareena’s acting in this movie. It’s there for us to see. She makes us appreciate her for her act whereas the whole of Aamir Khan’s acting lies in the perspective of the viewers. How we see him. How we analyze him. How we discover what is troubling him.

For any movie buff it wouldn’t have taken much time to have got reminded of Al Pacino in Insomnia. Amir is not as drowsy and doesn’t evoke as much sympathy as Al does in Insomnia. For the record i’d like to say Al Pacino is one guy I’ve sympathized more than anyone else. Be it Donnie Brasco, Dog Day Afternoon or Insomnia. Amir is more in this movie is more of a tough guy to the outer world. He has fan following in his own department and doesn’t smile much. His family life is wretched because of the death of their son of, a main reason for his agony and sleepless nights.

The director must be appreciated for not letting our mind wander. We travel just in the path laid by her. Our first point of interest is Kareena. Thanks to the opening titles where we see red light area and prostitutes in Mumbai night. Then our focus shift towards Rani Mukherjee (not only for the way she wears her sari) who lives all alone in a house, talks with psychiatrist and seems skeptical most of times.

Only after studying these characters we come to know that the main culprit here is not these two but Aamir Khan. It was tough for me to digest his image in the movie and start feeling sorry for this guy. May be that’s why I was unclear whether I understood the movie to the fullest immediately after watching the movie. In the course of time I realized what the movie has achieved is something special.

When was the last time in Indian cinema where such a huge star had acted in such an unheroic role. It’s not only that. He was brilliant after he finds out that he was cornered. Throughout the movie his act as a troubled father who thinks he’s responsible for his son’s death was amazing. His loneliness was well portrayed as well as well captured in the celluloid. Those scenes where he rethinks of his son’s death and what he could have done was brilliant.

Aamir as a person to me looks sad. He’s charming on screen but when I see him during interviews, attending press meets I see a sense of emptiness. Some farfetched thoughts running in his mind. May be its just me but I think he’d have used all those emotions to portray this role of a sad Police Officer here. This may even maybe the character which is closest to his real life. The answer lies with him

A movie like this getting good reviews and appreciated by many does feel good but it gives me a glimpse of doubt whether my views are getting mediocre or the crowd is getting better. Come what may this movie is sure to stay if not in box office at least in collectors edition.


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