Movie Review – Taking Woodstock

Posted: June 16, 2013 in Movie Reviews
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If you are a group whom you all think were never understood by anybody then this is the movie to watch when you party. I’ve been going around this term junkie for quite a while. Also have been labeling myself as a movie junkie for quite some time. This movie gave me a feel of it. How good it’d have been those days when true human revolution had begun. I fell in love with them without any inhibitions. Oh how good it felt to see people enjoying, enjoying and just enjoying. They may be termed as foolish people as things turned awry after Woodstock where there was homicide and lot of violence but they are people who were overlooked. They should be celebrated more. This movie comes as a breath of fresh air which celebrates a culture.


Ang Lee I thought was an overrated director. Whenever he tried to go global I hated it which includes the recent Life of Pi. He proves what good a director he is in this film. I don’t know how much of his life he had lived as a junkie but his love for these people is there to see. Especially the LSD scene in the van with brilliant music and even more brilliant visuals were amazing. Simply watching those visuals with the background music would take us on a high.

The movie starts of quietly. We see very little sound initially. Demetri Martin who plays Elliot Tiber reminds us of Dustin Hoffman. With no disregard to Demetri Martin, if this film had been made a couple of decades back Hoffman would have been the ideal choice. Nevertheless Martin fitted the bill just perfectly. The movie gains momentum gradually. It’s not the pace which increases; it’s the happiness that increases while the movie progress. It was like tuning a guitar, setting up the amplifiers for one final concert.

Though some would have disappointed with the actual concert not happening I was not. I fell in love with the movie so much that I began seeing everything beautiful around me. I didn’t need an end point where my epitome of happiness would be. It was like my trip I did a few weeks back to Pune. I was in totally different world like how Martin was in.

Humor was very well concentrated around the plot and Martin was such an adorable loser. Martin’s mom Sonia (Imelda Staunton) is another charming character on screen. I haven’t seen much of her other than Dolores Umbrige but she’d be a great actor if given an appropriate role. The character she plays in Harry Potter and here and quite similar. A hot head who goes around criticizing people around her. She looks naturally aggressive which would make her a best bet for those roles.

If 70’s were decade for cinema 60’s were a decade for music. The unconditional love was the concept started by hippies. There isn’t much difference between the thinking of saints and junkies. Both of their thoughts are rational. Both of them wanted to spread love. Above all they wanted peace. It’s because of the acts which hippies involved after the Altamont Free Concert things began to turn against them. Otherwise it’d have been a celebrated culture.

It has its negative impacts too. As a person I’d be very much happy to be involved in hippie culture. Life without discipline would be amazing. But how long will it last. What’ll be the next step? What will happen after the evolution? That’s where the problem begins.

The movie has safely or intentionally omitted those parts. It is more about breaking free from routing life. Into the Wild too played with similar emotions but it was brave enough to have a climax what it had. Both being real life stories make it score one more brownie points. Otherwise people would have so easily neglected saying how it’d happen.


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