Movie Review – Soodhu Kavvum

Posted: June 16, 2013 in Movie Reviews
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“Mama Douser Kazandichi” is still reverberating in the ears as I’m now writing about the movie. I knew that I’m going to like this movie and I wasn’t wrong. Now I’ve become a fan of Vijay Sethupathi, I can say that confidently. Yet another out of the box movie. Tamil cinema is truly evolving. Mark my words; this is going to the golden generation of Tamil cinema. Tamil New Wave has started so we’re in for a treat. Soodhu Kavvum is an out an out entertainer which will have enough twists to keep you at the edge of the seat throughout and event the best guesser can’t guess more than half of it.


When the film opened with a side angle of two people sleeping in a shabby bachelor’s room it instantly reminded me of Delhi Belly opening scene. In fact I was afraid that the camera would PAN and show the persons cleavage who was sleeping in the room. But that didn’t happen. But the whole film had Delhi Belly’s flavor to it especially Mama Douser Kazandici was similar to Bhag DK Bose when it came to situations and surroundings. It is evident that the director had watched a lot of movies because the immediate reference that Arumai Pragasam does when he becomes MP is watch movies. And in the climax there is a slow mo and music similar to In the Mood for Love when he sees her “dream” girl. That’s how even the director would have referred for his movies.

From the trailers I guessed that Vijay Sethupathi is gonna play a kick ass hero like Mangatha Ajith but I was proved wrong. That was a clever deception by the director. But he could have played the real tough guy too because he had the charisma to carry on any role. He could have pulled the tough guys role with élan too. The scene where he gets 45,000 from the kidnapped girls father and a walk he takes opening the door is an example but here he is content in playing what the director wanted him too and he performs this role to perfection too. The Shalu character was icing in the cake. A totally unwanted character but it never really looked so. It was a nice dig when a few second song pops up when Das gets beaten up by Bramma, the psychic director.

Ironically this movie was released on May 1st. I don’t know how much of it is planned but the poster was cleverly deceived to show the mood of the movie. Nalan Kumarasamy has got the pulse of audiences today. The first few minutes of the movie focuses on the frustration of a worker, no matter what the job is. The IT guys’ scene is hilarious but more than it the philosophical talk when the drunkard friend of his says to another one about the work is awesome. It’d have remained awesome if the scene has ended at that time but when the other one says about the work he has performed before it takes humor to one notch up. Sekar the guy who gives this philosophical talk is my favorite next to Vijay Sethupathi. One more awesome scene is when he points gun to the psychic police who tries to chase them and asks him to stop laughing.

Venkat Prabhu had two or three new comers in Mankatha and it’s the same here in Soodhu Kavvum (relative new comers) but see the difference in acting. Everyone who has acted here looks like as if they are tailor made for this role. With this hilarious heist comedy in background he has taken a clever dig on society, politics and honesty. We don’t see M.S. Baskar who acts as Gnanodayam as a total loser. There are times we sympathize him but when it comes to these guys we tend to like the glamour and lose track of what’s really correct.

Das (Vijay Sethupathi) though a smuggler, is the one with morals. It may sound clichéd when I say this but yet he is one. Otherwise why would he come back to the smuggling business again instead of staying with the MP who has easier access to money. That’s the differentiating characteristic between him and his gang. His five rules of Kednapping is his mantra and he follows it word by word. The first gang gets out of him breaching the mantra so he makes the second gang to write it and memorize it time and again thinking that it’d make them more honest.

There are total ROFL moments in the moments but the main thing is the helicopter scene. No one would have expected such a hilarious scene right in the middle of a serious threat. The whole theatre was in splits while watching the scene. In spite of this being an out and out entertainer it wasn’t as fast as Delhi Belly and not as good as that one but that won’t stop this from being one of the best movies of Tamil cinema this year and Vijay Sethupathi intelligently chooses his pictures. He’s on his way to stardom.


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