Movie Review – Skyfall

Posted: June 16, 2013 in Movie Reviews
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If you miss the first second of the movie you have definitely missed something, if you miss the first few minutes of the movie you’ve missed something special. I’ve never really been a big Bond fan until Daniel Craig took the role of Bond. I loved Bourne so much when compared to Bond. Bourne was so human. Yes I understand Bond is not someone whom you expect to cry, laugh or do anything loud but I wanted some basic character sketch where I don’t look at him like a superhero. When Daniel Craig jumped from that huge crane and failed to land perfectly I was surprised and how. He made me watch Bond with interest. But the next movie, Quantum of Solace was a disaster, right from the title to the end credits, no Bond, James Bond dialogue, no Bond theme, no nothing. This drastic change is not what I looked for. To add fuel to the fire, he falls in LOVE. Oh my God. Definitely the director had lost it, a Don falling for a girl. Strict no no.


Again for this movie I was skeptical when Sam Mendes was chosen to direct. I wasn’t very sure when a romantic was chosen to direct an action flick. But Mendes proved my inhibitions wrong. The very first second where Daniel Craig’s hazy outline is seen with a single Bond Beat evoked enough response in theatre which itself proved how people have loved Bond. Bond comes to the camera for a close up and a great chase scene evolves. When he jumps of the crane to the train car and adjusts his tie. Well, it was magnanimous. As Moneypenny says it’s hard to explain. Not only that we see a Range Rover, a classic suited Bond with his fancy watch, a rugged bike and a chase scene. Everything in those few minutes. What more one needs in a Bond film?

Eve is advised to take the shot by M which makes Bond to fall from train. Being Bond he doesn’t die, instead romances someone in an Island. I would have loved to explore this part of Bond. When Silva asks him why did he want to leave out that luxury and get on the field? Bond maintains silence. I can understand that Bond feels at home only on the field but again I’d have loved to see the mental turmoil Bond would have undergone to choose his way of life after he gets into the luxury of living life like normal person. Fortunately for him he’s not much tampered with his fitness. M plays her trump card really well.

From the first we could see that this movie is going to be centered on M. We see a close shot of her first up, she tells a very important decision that goes wrong and then she’s asked by the law to defend her group. Needless to say Judi Dench is brilliant as M. Even Naomie Harris impressed me a lot. I could see glimpses of Halle Berry in her. Not just for the skin tone. Bérénice Lim Marlohe as bond girl Severine didn’t have much to do and it was good she was left as such. Neither she looked great nor did she act well.

I’m concerned about the decreasing denomination of bedroom athletics in Bond films nowadays. The way Bond gets his girl defines his attitude. Bond is not only passionate about his work but he’s a passionate love maker too. I don’t know why I could see less and less of it nowadays. Craig and Eva Green on the mat looked brilliant in Casino Royale. Oh when will I see a bond girl like Eva Green again?

We’re in a certain period where everyone is paying tribute, we’ve started to realize old is gold quite inadvertently. The biggest roar from the crowd came when Bond opens his garage and flaunts his Aston Martin. Bad that I read about Sudish Kamath’s article on Aston Martin before watching the movie. It’d have been great if I had not known that. People with or without the knowledge of cars, both enjoyed that scene as much as possible. And a perfect juncture that to play the good old Bond theme. Wasn’t it nostalgic? You would have got reminded of those Sean Connery’s and Roger Moore’s but one more thing should have also splashed in your mind if you are a serious movie buff. Di Carpio in Catch Me if you can. Ta tat ta tan ta tan.

I hate it when they put on intermission for English movies but in Sathyam, known what they are really good at, had the intermission at a superb place. When Silva is surrounded by helicopters and Bond theme in the background, the lights were on when the camera was at the top concluding the scene. These guys really are artists.

After this juncture there is nothing that great to mention. When Bond takes M by Aston Martin to Scotland and poses one for the shutterbugs it was pitch perfect. The climax where Silva throws those hand grenades in to the mansion reminded me of Joker. It was a run of the mill climax with only suspense about M. I didn’t see anything substantial happening but the climax is done in such a way the story could be twisted in any possible way for future films. Good for Bond! 


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