Movie Review – Shootout at Lokhandwala

Posted: June 16, 2013 in Movie Reviews
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This is what you get when you put a bunch of losers in a film and try to make a gangster flick. The film stayed loyal to neither its action genre nor to its realistic façade. The titles with yellow straps running around were impressive and it remained one of the very few impressive things in the whole film which increased my curiosity. I liked the sarcasm in ‘based on true rumor’ tag but didn’t except the whole film to be like a story which we hear from a next door neighbor – which goes up and down – till being called up by their family members.


We see three idiots (pun intended) Sanjay Dutt, SunielShetty, Arbaaz Khan sitting in front of Big B like school students who are asked to come to meet principal ji for punishment. Sanjay seems to be most restless out of the three. Amitabh on the other hand – the only person whom I thought would give decent performance – also falters terribly. Over the top dialogues which are absolutely unnecessarily gets repeated again and again. He asks Suniel and Arbaaz to keep their mouth shut many times just to make fun of them. Though it doesn’t irritate them it tests our patience. But after sometime they start to elaborate the story which he listens intently and I don’t know why.

Each of them starts to narrate their story or THE STORY. There is only one story. They shoot at sight. And that’s it. If the scathing story wasn’t enough to dissipate the energy in you there are many more badly enacted scenes. Reporter walks at the ‘shooting’ spot as if she’s taking a troll at the park. The reason for her changing from their supporter to hater is not clearly explained or not explained at all. Good that at least she didn’t smoke, one thing reporter does in every movie nowadays. Then there is a scene where Arbaaz, one of the worst actors drinks water with the same hand he was shot, Suniel runs around with wounded arm, shoots with the same arm picks up phone with the same, practically does everything.

There generally is scope for a lot of charming scenes in gangster flick but nothing was done well. To quote a few the dining table scene could have been made better, couple of scenes where Arbaaz gives text book definitions could have made better, because the idea was good in those scenes but nobody were there to lift the scene up. As if that was not enough Abhishek appears in a cameo with his Bullet and Ray Ban.

I have one doubt. Police hardly get twenty grand per month. I don’t know how could they afford a Ray Ban worth rupees seven thousand. Then Sanjay wears a half tucked white shirt showing of his pistol. Sanjay you’re not a rock star. Period.

The varying emotions of all the killers during climax seemed to be inserted forcefully. One by one everyone calls their home. Give me a break. Regular clichéd dialogue follows, “I killed so many but I didn’t think that I’d be killed like that one day.” It would have been much better if even these three, what’s their team called? ATS, also were killed with them. Things would have been better at least.

Amitabh who interrogates these three like road side panipoori sellers comes to the court and utters an epic dialogue. Who would stand outside the gates of people to protect and blah blah. People like Shamsher Khan would. Yes it’d have been lot better if they were made to stand as watchman outside the gates. All this atrocities wouldn’t have happened.

VivekOberoi other than wearing black dress all the time doesn’t look least bit like a gangster. He shoots someone during the marriage ceremony without even silencer in the gun. People don’t listen to gun shots still. I don’t know how. And Tusshar with his voice can’t even scare a crow.

There are ample amount of item numbers. It’s of no use though. Doesn’t help a bit to revive the spirit of the movie. But one among those ‘Ganpat’ was the reason for me to watch the movie. The song was so good, superbly sung and had a great tempo. I expected a lot from this movie because of that one song. But the film failed badly. It didn’t even have half the energy of that song. At last I give the only star for that one song.

  1. mavi jutt says:

    The movie’s spirit and hero viveik oberoi was soo dashing n cool

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