Movie Review – Shaun of the Dead

Posted: June 16, 2013 in Movie Reviews

Now this is how you make a zombie movie. Why try to scare people when people end up laughing for each and every scene. Instead make them laugh; at least the motive of making a zombie movie would be fulfilled. I’m very much unsure whether zombies could actually make people fear. There was no bulls***ting like that in this movie. It’s an out and out zombie comedy. By far the best I’ve seen. Tarantino too calls this as the best zombie flick he has ever seen. One guy whose thoughts coincide with mine in general.


The good thing here is that the leads are the writers of the film. However good the writer may be the actors could enhance or decrease the effect of writers’ thoughts. Both are not good but we don’t sense the writers’ disappointment on the screen. For us the actors are the real players who move us. Here, there is no scope for getting mislead. They have written these characters for themselves. They exactly know what they are supposed to do. Even if it’s just a simple line like, “Walk like a zombie” they exactly know how the walk should we. Wasn’t Pegg’s zombie walk hilarious?

Shaun (Pegg) and Ed (Frost) are friends for life, literally. Shaun has a demanding girlfriend Liz (Ashfield). She is so demanding that she doesn’t like to come to Winchester. The place where their a** is gonna be saved. She wants Shaun to take her to a nice romantic place for dinner, spend time with her, and stop roaming with Ed. Knowing thateven following one single thing out of this list is impossible for Shaun. While he has a friend who’d play with him night long, who makes him laugh when he’s down and have beer when he’s out why would he listen to his girlfriend. While the whole world tells him that he’s a loser, including the 17 year fatso who talks over a phone when he dictates in the shop, Ed is the only guy who comes to his rescue no matter what.

He gets drunk every night, plays till early morning, and goes to a shop which has those sad Hindi songs in the background where he can buy coke and cornetto from an Indian salesman. On his way to the shop he falters every time while getting on the platform, donates money for beggar and comes back home to get ready for shop. If this is funny, the day when zombies riot the place he does these things with the same flair. It’s not he outlooks zombies he doesn’t even look at them. Brilliantly done long shots those.

After breaking up with his girlfriend Shaun and Ed see a girl who is severely “drunk” in their lawn. It was one of the most hilarious scenes in the film. Ed takes it to next level with his expressions and camera in hand to get that perfect shot. We see these guys discussing the plan of taking his girlfriend and mom from their respective homes with both the ladies waving hands and joining them. Nice parody of telecommercials there. But as expected not even a single thing goes per plan because you have Ed in the team. He thinks driving Jaguar is more important than saving their own lives from zombies. I think he’s right about what he says, it’s his best chance to drive otherwise he won’t get a chance to drive at all.

When Shaun tells Liz that the only place that they could stay safe if Winchester it’s bloody amazing. Expressions were epic. The class act was when they try to act like zombies and cross the road to Winchester. Shaun’s mom and Ed are showstoppers there with their brilliant expressions. Thanks to Shaun’s heroism they end up in Winchester safely.

When we were about to witness the tearful death of Shaun and his girlfriend by the hands of zombies military comes for the rescue. Should I even explain the joke here? Shaun previously tucks a cigarette on Ed’s mouth and gives him a heroic farewell. The only person whom I sympathized while dying. But picture doesn’t get over there guys. He’s still there in his garage as Player 1 waiting for Player 2 Shaun.


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