Movie Review – Rockstar

Posted: June 16, 2013 in Movie Reviews
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Rockstar!!! Man. Did I just watch a movie or it’s a cinematic miracle? How come a desi movie could be so real, so true, so inspirational (I doubt if that’s the right word to use) to its title. By the name of the movie we know what to expect but guys once you enter the theatre I’m sure your expectations will be exceeded.


The first look of the trailers with only Ranbir and Saaddahaq in the background caught up with me instantly. Wow a hero getting on drugs losing his life for fame I thought it’s gonna be awesome. But the second trailer with katiyakarun BGM barred me from expecting anything out of this film. Oh I didn’t want yet another one side love story. Though the song was fresh in its own sense it reminded me very much of the ChorBazari with heroine going out of control and hero enjoying every bit of it. Trademark Imitiaz Ali fare it was. For that reason I’ve never really liked his films. In fact I hated Jab We Met especially Kareena’s character. Oh my god how many times will a hero fall for a mad (read as innocent/cute/bubbly/chubby or whatever cliché you could fill) girl.

Something in me, in spite of Ali’s disastrous first two outing (which were blockbusters I suppose) made me watch this movie. Boy! I must say that it’s one of the best decisions I’ve taken in my life. The opening scene where Ranbir gets beaten up comes by bus to the stadium by crowds entry point made me sit up. Attitude, arrogance whatever you may call it. He had every bit of it. The first of the fourteen songs, thus Ranbir’s musical journey along with me started. ‘Yay a yae’ was a soul stirring composition to start of the marvel.

An audience with a keen eye could have noticed that this is his first song, the song which he likes by heart, the song that he sings when he is happy, when he’s sad, when he’s he. Rest all were fragments of his life, his torn life. The song in itself gets us through the movie. He sings it in every stage of his life.  What was more captivating is that he continues to sing that song till climax. All those bits of song which comes at the start come yet again in the movie. And whenever the movie runs without any music (which is very rare) we can’t help but hum ‘yay a yae’. Such is its impact.

As soon as the credits get over, after a loud cheering for A.R. Rahman in theatre the movie unfolds. A rather cute (inthapoonayum pal kudikuma type) Ranbir sings yay a yae in the bus stop. Is he trying to woo some one? Is he trying to create an impression? Hell no. He’s singing. That’s about it. He’s singing because he loves it he loves the feel of guitar in his hand. But as all good guys get punished he gets punished by a police man. That’s when he says his most beautiful line which roughly translates to, “When Jim Morrision showed his middle finger the whole crowd went crazy but I get beaten up for singing. Ennavazhka da ithu” The last sentence being added up by me.

He goes to a tea shop where his friends continue to cheer him up whether it’s for the free samosas or not I don’t know. But there is the tea shop owner who says that music comes only out of pain. The next few scenes where Ranbir proposes the wide lipped Nargis (whom I can’t believe is 32), his stage show where he tries to show attitude, his love failure act in the tea shop where he asks for extra chutney provides comic relief. We know that he will get his girl. He gets his girl, they go to JungliJawani, drink daaru, dance etc etc. Usual Imitiaz Ali fare. By then you would have already heard close to 4 songs. All coming up without any distraught.

The film catches up with the audience only after these emotional dramas. You are bound to like ‘Kun Faya Kun’ no matter what your religion is and when Ranbir starts singing his verse “sajrasavera” you literally start singing with him. At that juncture you come to know why Rahman decided to make this movie. Once Imitiaz Ali told the script to ARR his reply was “Oh no! I can’t do this movie, I won’t be able to do this movie, but I’ve to do this movie. I’ve to”.

Just when you start thinking that Ranbir has become spiritual he goes to the tea owner’s house after his two month ‘aise hi’ stay in Darga he’s made to sing in a Hindu festival. He does it with the same feel, the same emotion, the same love for music. What a way to say that religion is no bar for music. Take a bow. Imitiaz Ali.

He gets a chance to go to his girls place. He is so desperate that he compels his producer to take him to Europe. He goes to Prague meets his JungliJawani, they make a list, go to strip club, both male and female, have fun but when he asks her for a kiss she refuses. Remember it was the same girl who asked him for an instant 2-minute hug. Our mind could hear the first strum of electric guitar. No, it doesn’t happen on the screen but we know it’s coming. The interval happens with the camera panning to one side of the grassland.

Till now it’s a good movie. But what sets it apart is the second half where Ranbir has lived his character. He goes to Nargis’ place to say ‘bye’, makes a mess out of the situation. He comes back to India as a bad boy with negative image all over him. That’s when Saddahaq starts for which you can’t sit on your seats. When the central character cries for affection, a shoulder to lean onto the producer doesn’t give a damn. He markets with label name ‘negative’. There is once again a brilliant scene where a strip dancer dances inside a modeled cage with Ranbir answering the press.

The central characters cry is so beautifully shown. It’s so easy to show a guy as a devil by using drugs but without all these Imitaz has succeeded. Ranbir has been very helpful in doing it. The scenes where he goes out in street chased by girls whom he doesn’t give a damn but instead listens to his god father the tea master, the scene where he kisses Nargis and waves hand at the audience though thoroughly disinterested, the way he lethargically stands for the photos with friends whom he longed to meet for their love and affection, the way in which he lifts Nargis’ sister on to the stage while a lot of girls faint even as they see him, the way he comes out of a limousine and vomits in front of big shots. He has lived his role as Jordan. Every bit of it.The mad man of music.

All is well that ends well, but that’s not the case with this movie. I was praying that the usual melodrama shouldn’t happen. I didn’t want a dying Nargis to live for 100 years because of his music. Thankfully it didn’t happen. The way Ranbir comes to know that his ‘JungliJawani’ is dead is also perfectly executed. What a way to finish the movie with NaadanParindey. The best of the picturised song. He does his middle finger stint at last and like he wanted he makes the whole crowd stand up and applaud but not on screen, it happens off the screen. 


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