Movie Review – Plains, Trains and Automobiles

Posted: June 16, 2013 in Movie Reviews
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It was last of the road movies that I watched on movie marathon. It was around 4 in the morning and I was afraid I would sleep but I regret now that I didn’t sleep. This movie was a disaster to me. The spring haired loud mouth played by Del Griffith as John Candy whether or not irritated the blonde haired Neal Page (Steve Martin) enough. He annoyed me to the core. If that’s the success of the movie I applaud. . I guess the name John Candy is a pun. There was nothing sugary about him. He was nothing short of highly annoying salty fellow.


It’s said that AnbeSivam is inspired from this movie. But AnbeSivam is totally in different league. May be because of Kamal Hassan. Planes, trains and automobiles might be a practical movie when compared to AnbeSivam but it didn’t have the essence in it to excite me. All I could see was characters who were caricatures.

Come on, will a person with right mind make so much noise when he is in bed with a stranger. I’m talking about the scene where the John Candy clears his throat citing sinus as the reason. I didn’t get any sympathy for him. In another scene he sits in the car which he burnt due to negligence and freezes. I definitely wouldn’t have called him inside.

In the climax Neal Page somehow finds out that he doesn’t have a wife and again helps him and asks him to come to his home. Oh god! Has he even lost his mind.

The scenes where the lady waits for her husband thinking about him seemed to be scenes which were just added in to create a sense of longing. I couldn’t sympathize with her. All I could see was a lady waiting for her husband to jump into the bed.  A longing scene from any movie could have been put there and those scenes wouldn’t have made much difference.

The movie’s opening was very promising. I loved it when the boss kept on looking at the photo and doesn’t talk anything till the end. The pace of the movie was good till he went to the airport after a lot of fumbles and tumbles. Thanks to John Candy’s trunk.

Right from there Neal Page takes control and irritates us as much as he can. It was a traditional screwball comedy. It had every scene I imagined. First he starts irritating him and then with no other go they go together all the while, things get worse and the Neal scolds Candy badly. Oh! How I loved it. He doesn’t cry though. Thank god at least he wasn’t a cry baby. Again they get along. After a point they become friends and laugh at everything happened.

Midnight Run too is a movie which had two guys. One talkative and one suave but there was a dialogue in that movie which Duke says, “ I think if we had met at some point some other time still we wouldn’t have got along” their relationship takes a new turn from that point. It was manly. A similar scene happens here when they both rest together after their car breaks down. The only difference being in Midnight run it was apt and the scene here seemed to be forced.

The opening credits were again amazing in this movie with the title running of like an automobile. I don’t know why whenever I get impressed with title the movie loses its sheen.

When everyone were appreciating the Del Griffith for his act. It was Steve Martin for me. Be it when he bursts at the other guy, his f-word stint or when Candy irritates him. It was from the heart and I could feel his dismay.


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