Movie Review – Pizza

Posted: June 16, 2013 in Movie Reviews
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Pizza, the most talked about film as of now and why not?  When have we watched such a craftly executed Tamil thriller previously? I couldn’t think of any in the previous few years. Karthik Subbaraj (who doesn’t even have a Wikipedia page) of Nalaya Iyakunar fame has executed this film frame by frame with such dedication which is clearly visible for us. He has sweat as much as the hero does in the film, it’s very much evident. Otherwise how would such honest film come to screens? We should welcome people like Karthik Subbaraj with open arms, boy you have much more to do. I sincerely hope that Tamil New Wave starts here, one thing I’ve been longing for long.


After Kathalil Sodapuvathu Eppadi (made from a short film of the same name) this film too comes as a surprise, as a breath of fresh air. This is what youngsters who had breathed cinema could do. A classic scene of police getting pulled into darkness shows how much he has analyzed horror films. When someone like me who’s not a fan of horror flicks could like this so much people out there who expect adrenaline rush would surely enjoy this film more than me.

Talking about the film Michael (Vijay Sethupathi), a pizza delivery boy and Anu (Remya Nambeesan), an aspiring novelist are live in partners, we neither see them as people who are cultural blackouts nor as someone with reminiscent past. They are plain and simple people who grew up in orphanage and live together. Due to carelessness Anu gets pregnant and they both get married. Till this point of time the actors haven’t done a great job. It was in fact irritating to watch Michael trying so hard to be casual but the brilliance of director could be seen in those initial few scenes where he had an eye for details for each and everything. Be it the not so new clothes the leads were wearing, the actually messy room, cycle parked inside the room, camera not trying to hover around to make them look better, in fact we can see her armpit and his chest hair like how they see each other, there is no scene where he has tried to fill the frame with glamour. If that was not enough Michael returns home with his t-shirt wet from sweat. I’m not sure what director would have done to make him sweat. I wouldn’t be surprised if had had made him run on treadmill because what we see is real. Not like the artificial sweat Ajith’s shirt has in Adama jeichomada song in Mankatha. Further there is no make up for both the leads. Even when he gives her the ring it’s like self made make up without any glorification. 

But having known that the genre was thriller I was expecting things to happen soon, may be had an extended romance as to build characters. Doesn’t help much there, the story doesn’t progress and all we hear is ghost talks all the while which wants us to end this chapter as soon as possible. It does end once Michael is asked to deliver some forms by his shop owner. When he goes home he finds his owners daughter being possessed and she stares at him when asked about the details of her origin. From there it’s one man show, Michael’s. The second part of the story where he fears and the prior to climax, the confidence he exhibits are phenomenal. I think Vijay got comfortable with the movie as the movie progressed. My case would be true if the film had been shot in chronological order.

Few days later he is again asked to deliver a parcel to his owner’s home after delivering a pizza. Things take twist and turn in the place where he delivers pizza. He gets entangled in a mess and becomes paranoid of the thoughts later. His colleagues as well as his friends try to help him out but he remains as pathetic as always which makes them worried of him as well as for the box which they’ve lost. Michael says that he has left it in the house he saw ghosts. They are afraid to get into the house because of what happened to Michael.

The whole ghost part is well shot with some spooky moments. The director could have done better with lights pointing at some other direction other than his face. He seemed to be so conscious to show Vijay’s expression throughout. The music director, Santhosh Narayanan again has done a good job. My guess is that he’d have been a guitarist. Being a fan of guitar I loved the way he has used it. Acoustic when things are normal, classical for sadness and electric during the twist which happens at this point.

The twist does engage us. Remember he gave a clue to us, he played ‘thillu mullu’ song just before the start of the “ghost” story but being perverts we thought he was interested more about Pooja and that’s why the song. Nice touch there at the end when ‘thillu mullu’ is played again, now the ghosts fooling him.  I don’t want to talk about it but the ending could have been proponed a couple of scenes before. It would have been an extraordinary movie if the final scene where he again gets trapped had not been shown. The director would have wanted applause and would’ve gone with the spur of the moment. One more reason I could think of it is we see the pizza owner and the dad with sympathetic face. Majority wanted justice to be served right. May be the director to yielded to the temptation. After all he’s a youngster, he’ll learn.

The idea of having the protagonist as a pizza delivery boy is a great idea; darkness and music makes most of the horror movies. As a pizza delivery boy he’s bound to be surrounded by darkness. For all those youngsters who’re delivery pizza this movie would have made them jump in their seats at least quite a few times more than the regular audiences. The cartoonish posters made for the movie too were well crafted. I sincerely hope that this movie doesn’t leave us like a flash in the pan. Good luck, Karthik.


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