Movie Review – P.S. I Love You

Posted: June 16, 2013 in Movie Reviews
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P.S. I Love You shows how exactly an adaptation should not be made. It happens generally when books are adapted to movies but even if I had watched the movie without reading the book I wouldn’t have liked it. The first big mistake was not adapting the book honestly. Only the core story was taken and written in not so impressive way. The script seemed to have been written in a way which would make film making easier. Characters were cut down and the protagonists’ character was elongated just to give the movie enough face value. We don’t see the charm that the book exuberated. This again was like how Kikujiro was spoiled into Nandalala. Kikujiro, even though a melancholic movie was glazed with humor all around whereas Nandalala was highly depressing. Similarly P.S. I Love you was a story of a grieving widow. There were melancholic parts of course but very less. The whole movie had a positive aura to it. It was more humane and the way Holly and her kith and kin dealt with it was amazing. We could see nothing of that sort here. Neither humor not melancholy. It was a confused attempt.


If I had made the movie how I’d have made is hire a heroine who is not ravishing but my impression of Holly was that of a tall lean woman. Someone like Yami Gautam, even though she’s beautiful it’d have been perfect. Then Holly’s family and secondly friends are the main source of charm in the book so I wouldn’t have cut short any of it. The challenging thing would have been the length of the movie. Being a rom com no one would be willing to sit in theatres for three, four hours. But otherwise that would have been the ideal way to go about the movie.

Instead here we see Hilary Swank, a brilliant actor being wasted. All we could see her is mourning all the time. It in fact irritates us. In the book the whole story revolves around Holly but here we see Gerry too occupying a lot of screen space. Even though it makes us love him it couldn’t do what the book accomplished to do. We saw very little of Gerry but we adored him. That’s mainly because of the people who say about him. We don’t get to hear many people talk about Gerry here instead he himself charms us. Gerard Butler was brilliant in his role. If his role could have been shortened even more it’d have been better.

The films’ opening is hugely cheesy. We see Holly and Gerry fighting with each other and patching up later in the bed. The romance just wasn’t there. Good that his death wasn’t shown. I’m sure even that wouldn’t have been well made. We see Holly immediately widowed after the initial scene and she gets letters through mysterious sources. Of all the changes made between the book and the movie that was the worst one. Holly having all the letters and waiting to open it when the month starts was an awesome concept. We could see her longing throughout but we couldn’t see much of what Holly really feels about the letters when she opens it up with hurry. Gerry even had left letters for her friends and I absolutely hated it when Holly lets one of the friends open the letter. She has very few letters still how could she let someone else to open the letters. Hugely atrocious!

The whole story was twisted and made in a way where there was no depth in characters and there was nothing much to talk about. Holly was a woman who was in distress, not the Holly you see on screen who is highly idiotic. She makes a fool of herself. Gerry was charming in both the book and the movie. There were many characters that were reduced. It’s a terrible loss. Main ones I missed were Richard, Holly’s Australian sister and her younger brother. Holly though had her friends intact they weren’t not like how I wanted them to be but its okay they were at least close to it. Gerry’s tape recorder voice again was a huge turn off as well as the missing Holly’s birthday party and the eventual short film.

So when I list down everything that I missed, the list seems to be more than that of the movie. That shows how much I’d have been disappointed. In fact the only thing I liked about the movie was Ireland. But instead of the original Irish background and the laziness that was employed in the book the director settled for Manhattan. God knows why? May be some books are left unmade into a movie.


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