Movie Review – Old Boy

Posted: June 16, 2013 in Movie Reviews
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The movie is an outright cliffhanger. It keeps at the edge of your seat right from the start where Dae su holds another person by his tie. Right from that moment the tempo is never tampered with. It’s very rare to find good thrillers nowadays but this movie stays true to its genre.   


Old boy is a movie more to be discussed than to be written about. If a couple of movie buffs or even people who want their adrenaline to rush sit together and watch this movie there will never be a dearth in discussion.

I came to know the theme of the movie before watching it so I couldn’t completely get into the film. Though I didn’t outguess and find what would happen I had a fair idea of what would happen. It too is a different kind of thrill. Like opening the gift box with a gift that we know would be there. We find it interesting only if the gift is the one we craved for. So as when I say that I was thrilled during the climax it is not an understatement. That’s how much I got engrossed by the movie.

Dae Su is a drunkard who gets caught by police. It’s his own way of celebrating his daughter’s birthday. We get the first hint there. His friend comes to his rescue and makes a call after rescuing jlkl but he’s gone. Only these initial scenes are performed loud. Koreans have this problem. They always start the movies with characters behaving loud. May be that’s their style.

Dae Su gets into a nutshell and is put in solitary confinement for 15 years. He tries very hard, perfects his skills. After 11 years he says that he starts to find that as a home. Through TV he finds out that his wife is dead and her daughter is in orphanage. One day when he tries to escape he opens his eyes to find out that he’s in terrace with another man who’s about to suicide. He holds his collar and tells his story and that is the first scene and thus the first part of the film.

He is in the middle piece of a puzzle. He sets out to unravel his mystery by going in search of the question “why was he captured?” he thinks about it and first meets a young chef who right from the first seem to have sexual inclination towards him. She finds something in him which she likes and he too reciprocates her feeling. While unraveling the mystery they two share some intimate moments and have passionate sex.

There is an action scene meanwhile with travelling shot. Being a huge fan of travelling shot I loved that scene. It was a perfectly choreographed action scene. It is surreal alright but we know that it is surreal and we like it that way. It was more like a dance form. Like a dragon the hero gets through a row of thugs waiting to kill him. He fights all the while with an axe buried in his shoulder. This scene could easily have become a funny scene if it had not shot properly. It didn’t become.

The villain here is one of the most villainous characters ever in cinema history. Unfortunately when I was watching the climax my mom came and sat next to me. While the hero was cutting his tongue to show that he would not talk about it the villain closes his mouth and laughs. I’m unsure as to how that scene was shot. With handkerchief covering his mouth he looked like crying but when he removed it he was laughing. I couldn’t see any change in his facial movements but I still doubt where he was really laughing even with his handkerchief on.

On the whole this movie is a mind fuck which any movie junkie would not dare to miss.


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