Movie Review – My Name is Ki

Posted: June 16, 2013 in Movie Reviews

This movie would have worked for most of the people but for me any movie in which the leading lady acts nuts is strict No-no. Though it didn’t cause me that much irritation as Happy Go Lucky did it didn’t impress me either.


Ki works as a model who poses nude for artists to draw up an image. Her husband is naturally irritated because of the nature of her job and wants her to quit. She has certain friends whom she parties with and has no purpose in life in spite of having a kid. She breaks up with her husband and goes to her friend’s apartment where she shares her flat with her friend and another neighbor who’s a loner. There too she makes a mess out of the apartment annoying everyone.

 Ki’s kid is the best performer in the movie. Like the kid in Jerry Maguire he too constantly annoys every member in the cast. It’s only Ki who doesn’t mind his deeds. She happily forces her kid in the hand of others and makes them annoyed. The character of Ki is supposed to be hated and it’s a success if we hate her but I hated her more than I was supposed to, eventually hating the movie itself.

Ki as a last attempt gets to shoot a video for which she goes to a producer. She makes the video so bad the producer doesn’t even explain her rejection. But that video leads to a funny moment between her and her boss. She makes video of her boss groping her and makes him nervous. But the problem with Ki is she doesn’t realize that how big a loser she is. A problem with every loser. They keep on living as if nothing had happened That’s how Ki lives her life and ends up being a failure.


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