Movie Review – Moonrise Kingdom

Posted: June 16, 2013 in Movie Reviews
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This is my first film of Wes Anderson and what big surprise I had in store. The film was totally different from what I expected. Going by the posters I was expecting a kid’s fantasy film. I was so unsure as to why this film was getting raved so much. Though I couldn’t still figure out why, I now at least know that this is not just another kiddish flick.


To categorize Moonrise Kingdom into any specific genre is impossible. As far I saw it was a serious comedy. The kids were doing things which were definitely not for their age. They were doing things so seriously that it makes us laugh. Every dialogue uttered is in pitch perfect English fill full stop, comma and semi colon in right place with right diction and with right accent. Further to accentuate it the frames set were so perfect. They looked like the ones right out of picture frame where the subject stays perfectly in the center and every object are at some absolute angle from the subject. I’ve never seen any other films which had this much perfection in camera.

 Talking about the story it’s a story about two pen pals. One a 12 year old Sam Shkusky attending a “Khaki Scout” summer camp. He is good at everything he does. Probably the brightest spot of the gang and so unanimously hated by everyone. His pen friend Suzy Bishop lives with her parents and three brothers in a house called Summer’s End. She too is a girl with lot of talents like Shkusky. They both befriend each other through  mails and finally decide to elope sometime after. Sam with his camping equipment and Suzy with her books, cat and record player camp in a far of island. They party in their underwear and Suzy finally says, “now you can keep your hand on my breasts.” An awesomatically funny sequence that.

The couple is then separated apart by parents and Sams friends decide that it’s their duty to defend the young lovers. They do get united finally. Guess this is a ridicule made at regular love stories and it serves its purpose.


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