Movie Review – Moondru Per Moondru Kadal

Posted: June 16, 2013 in Movie Reviews
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Next to Balachander Vasanth is my favorite Tamil director and I didn’t except such a film from him. The title, the casting, the stills, the music to an extent and even the film till first half was captivating but the whole film lost its plot during the second half. First half did have some not so fond moments but I could easily forgive them and I somehow even thought that it was intentional, the imperfection I mean. But after watching an insipid second half I could come to the conclusion that those imperfections indeed were unintentional. That’s what a bad end could do the movie! It would make us forget even the good things that happened.


The film opens with Vimal narrating a story to someone. Vimal is a respectable actor. Before Vijay Sethupathi came in Vimal was the one I’d have bet my money on for any small budget film. That’s how high his caliber was, at least with me before a few days. Now I could see that this guy wants to act in safe films and doesn’t want to explore. This movie too is such a terrible mistake by him. I could see from this movie that he couldn’t really act. There were close up shots first up so that we won’t be able to see the background and the suspense of environment won’t be revealed. Vimal terribly messed up with those close up shots. If that wasn’t enough his dialogue delivery, especially the voice modulation was not at all up to the mark. It looked like ditto Vagai Sooda Vaa. Vimal has to do some serious thinking before he takes up next project.

The first part of the story is Vimals. He has to act as a cheesy lover boy which he succeeds to do. There are quite a few lame jokes which after watching the second half of the movie looked so dumb. I thought these jokes were intentionally made to be cheesy so that we won’t laugh for everything but I don’t think everything was intentional. Songs though were good were kept in most inappropriate places and it was such a pain. I don’t know how Vasanth would have explained the situation to Yuvan about the music. I couldn’t see any situation as such. But Yuvan’s music was excellent after a long time but except for the Cheran’s portion the music and the movie didn’t sync at all. And the lady who was paired to Vimal was extremely dumb who didn’t know what does acting mean. Except for the low neck dress she wore for the first song there wasn’t anything worth looking at her.

Then comes the Cheran part. According to Vimal this story transformed him. I still don’t know how. Cheran was one more main reason for me to watch the movie. He’s the most brilliant loser on screen but here he’s a bit different. He does social service and doesn’t yield himself to romance. But the lady doesn’t know about it and falls in love with her. This part is called kadalum kadal serntha idamum. Vimals part is malayum malai serndha idamum. During the titles of the film we see only sea in the background and not other two backgrounds. Don’t know whether he thought this Cheran’s part to be the most significant one and added it to the background but without any doubt Cherans is the most enjoyable part which made us smile, have a lump in the throat and feel satisfied. The only part of the movie which I felt wholesome was Cherans part. And it’s the brilliantly written part too. Along with Vasanth there was one more writer involved in this project. Guess he’d have been roped in to bring in the flavor of this part. Don’t know whether the heroine of this part is a Tamilian or not but her acting as well as the dialogue delivery/ lip sync was perfect. The only heroine who made impact in the movie. Cheran considers social service to her as his priority. Vimal saying this as a reason to attempt reuniting his girl friend with her ex boy friend was so lame. I don’t see any reason as why should this inspire him to reunite his girl friend with her lover.

When this itself comes as a shocker he tells that the only person who did understand about his decision is Divya who is nothing but Arjuns girl friend. The second half, nilamum nilam sarntha idamum suddenly becomes a sullen sports movie. Even looking at the credits has become spoilers nowadays. I’m waiting for someone to abolish this habit of popping credits at the start of the movie. There was so many mention about swimming in the ‘sincere thanks to’ section so it wasn’t tough for me to guess that there is going to be something substantial involving swimming and that’s what the second half is about. Arjun is a swimming coach and Divya is her girl friend come student. I’m not sure about the how much age difference is implied but it seems to be an intentional move by Vasanth to show this as love without any vulgarity. In fact Vasanths film never has any vulgarity at all. He has accepted himself as a feminist in an interview.

Just when Vimal says that Divya is the one who understood his point in reuniting his girl friend with her ex we see Divya gyrating to a song in rain which is totally unrelated to the movie. That song doesn’t fit into the movie at all and even to listen it was awful. Their story is totally outrageous and Arjun coming to the dais to say their story as an example was obnoxious. The first movie did look like a good lazy Saturday afternoon book. That’s how Vasanth makes movies. His Rhythm was one great example of how to make a perfect feel good film but what happens in the second half is totally unsettling. Vimal in the climax announcing that he has written their stories as a novel was kind of hilarious. He should have known the verdict by himself and there’s nothing positive.

This could have been made into three different movies. If it had been made that way at least one of it, Cheran’s would have been good. Vimals might have been decent but that wasn’t done. And even if he had to make this as a single movie he could have made three stories and left it without relating them. This mindless correlation is what spoiled the movie totally. But it’s never too late there will be a good movie from Vasanth soon. Hopefully!


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