Movie Review – Maattrraan

Posted: June 9, 2013 in Movie Reviews
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Maattrraan, the film name if you had noticed has every letter doubled except ‘M’ and ‘N’. The credits in the beginning too had Tamil and English names attached together and stretching to go and Surya’s name written as Surya^2. These nice little gimmicks were fun to watch initially. So was the movie.


Like every K.V. Anand’s movie it started in a light hearted fashion with Surya and Surya having gala time with Kajal. I must mention Kajal looked awesome during the initial few scenes. Especially the scene after meeting the Surya’s she turns back and waves good bye was picture perfect. That’s why that still of her is doing rounds in face book. As I said it was a traditional K.V. Anand fare, there were a couple of songs. The song were Surya pushes another Surya out of frame was nice to watch. But the concept of the song was far from satisfactory. Of the two it wasn’t evident why Akhilan is envious of the relationship. He comes every now and then in the song (without shirt of course) and stares at them in envy. Surya doesn’t get those villainous looks. It’s one drawback of his.

On the other hand the best scene is the one where he cries. He’s absolutely awesome when he does it. When he realizes that Vimal has died the way he portrays his emotion was very good. He has grown up as an actor especially he has worked a lot on his emotions. No one can forget the ISD booth scene in Varanam Ayiram where he calls his dad and cries. This scene here was close to Varanam Ayiram scene but lost its Midas touch by trying to get applause of local audience by introducing Auto driver as the savior. Many cars go by without stopping, they get robbed of their accessories and finally an auto driver stops to help them. Severely clichéd I say.

The writer duo Subha have done a good job. I don’t know how exactly the story had originated, whether it was K.V. Anand’s one liner turned into a script or a written script made into film, but the first half after all those songs gathers momentum and picks up pace. Nice little twists here and there. But after Vimal dies it becomes like any other K.V. Anand film. It was like reading a new Dan Brown novel where someone dies in the first chapter and in all other chapters we try to unravel the mystery and finally end up knowing that everything is false. This is just an example. You know how a K.V. Anand films structure is. If you were in dire need of any twists I know you’d have got disappointed. There was this “something missing” feeling in the end.

Other than this whenever it tries to show that it’s a Tamil movie by having songs at unwanted place it falters. Nice self dig by the director when Vimal points out that when someone dies a song comes out. Good to see new gen directors not being head strong. Or is it a way to show that they’re open to criticisms. Whatever it is I liked it.

Of all the things one thing that irritated me the most was Kajal’s love taking a u-turn from Vimal to Akhilan. I’d have preferred threesome to it. She loves Vimal (or that’s what is implied) and in just one song she gets rid of her and starts loving Akhilan. When Akhilan tries to hug her and keep her close to her like Vimal director focused at the wrong point. People, including me were more interested in Kajal Agarwals waist than they getting “conjoined.” At least if that was the intention she should have been given a better costume. Come on don’t give her a half exposed sari and ask to stare elsewhere when you shoot a close up of her waist. We’re not Vimal.

After this movie I guess K.V. Anand has just lost being in contention of Rajnikanth’s next feature. Anyways all the best for him. He’s surely a talented director.


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