Movie Review – Love Sex aur Dhoka

Posted: June 9, 2013 in Movie Reviews
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Love Sex aur Dhoka is unanimously hailed by critics for its creativity and why not. In fact it’s the first time I could see this much risk being taken for a movie. This movie was in my wish list for a long time. The very title inspired me to watch it and adding value to it the official poster too was a brilliant one symbolizing every aspect of the movie Love, Sex aur Dhoka. The Love symbol you can see which is joined from combining male and female legs and its red the color of love, the color of betrayal, the color of lights in prostitution area and the color of blood. It’s been pictured for us to see and that could be taken as dhoka too. The clever mix of English and Hindi words added to the quirky quotient of the title. The abbreviation of the title LSD is again a drug so the title itself lets you know that a lot of intelligence was being involved.


If you get to see this movie while flipping the channels you would misunderstand it for a TV commercial or for a cheap TV movie. In fact even I would have done the same. I was surprised when the film opened like a TV advertisement of DVD where we could see three movies. The entire movie was shot in a purposefully bad camera, a digital camera to be precise with no real thought for angles. It’s as if we are sneaking into their lives. In fact the angles were thought so well that we don’t feel like it’s a film at all. I was told by my friend that Dibakar Banarjee apparently had to watch about 40 porn movies before making this movie. The research he has carried out is very much evident in the movie. The characters were so well etched and all being debutants the surprise element was always there for us to explore.

Quite obviously the film has three parts, Love, Sex aur Dhoka and what’s not obvious is these three are interconnected. Nothing of that sort is said during the initial reporting style scenes where it’s only said about three exciting stories lined up for us. In the first part Rahul an outright loser is the director who is keen on making a romantic subject. He idolizes Aditya Chopra and somehow wants to meet him. Luckily or unluckily for him the heroine of his film, Shruti falls in love with him. This guy being of lower cast the girls’ family don’t accept for the marriage and they go elope and marry. Shruti’s father and brother who get to know about the news of the marriage approve of it when Shruti calls and tells them about this. They go by their brothers’ car and it’s not a tough guess, by the low lighting and over the top happiness we get to know something fishy is going to happen and thus happens that they both get killed and their head is chopped off. This part of the story tells us about the honor killings. Though it makes us feel for them when they die it’s not an entirely emotional adventure. Its satire glazed with humor. That’s where the first part ends and we get to see the second part.

On second part, that is Sex we see a couple of guys looking at the computer seriously discuss about Porn with capital ‘P’ The very word which excites us and Dibakar having made a painful research by watching 40 pornos I was even more excited to see how authentic it is. This part tells what happens behind the porn and not what porn is about. In fact the painstaking effort taken by Dibakar had gone waste because the seven minute sex scene was censored and the few glimpses we get to see were smudged so that it could get at least an ‘A’ certificate. Indian censors and their rules! People would perfectly know what to expect out of this movie. The title itself clearly states that then why try to shove your superiority. Duh! People have to learn.

Ya and coming about this part we see Adarsh and his friend analyze about the fish that’ll fall in their trap and boy they are very good at spotting it. They spot a girl who bends so that her ass would touch the man’s crotch and acts as if it’s not intentional. When they repeat the scene again and again it’s humorous. Adarsh tries to woo that girl into the sex tape but fails miserably when his money lenders come and ask for their money.  Adarsh takes his friends advice and starts wooing the receptionist. But being human he falls for her genuinely and when Rashmi comes grieving to him for the loss of her dear friend Shruti he even decides to switch off the always ON camera but eventually greed overtakes humanity and he films it.

On the third and final part of the story, Dhoka we see a lady trying to commit suicide and the reporter who gets shot in the second part of the movie jumping into the water to rescue her. In fact when the reporter comes back to the shop, going by his looks I thought he’d be some police and he’d have come to enquire about the sex scandal but as usual I was wrong. He is a part of over enthusiastic reporting group who need sensational stories and sensationalize it even more so that their TRP ratings will shoot up. A direct dig on the media.

Prabhat who is the reporter who works there saves Naina and gets to know about the story of how she is asked to have sex in order to get a chance in next song of vastly famous music videographer Loki. Loki is another funny looking guy. Prabhat is the only who’s genuinely interested in helping her but the media guys take advantage of her situation and persuade her to have sex with Loki so that they’d get a sensational story. She does that but the media guys ask her to confront him one more time so that they’d get greater adventure. She does that too but Loki reacts in an uncertain way and while trying to steal away the camera shoots Prabhat.

Prabhat who has the video of him being shot and the interrogation of Loki by Naina doesn’t give the footage to his colleagues because that’d lead to the loss of honor for Naina. When I thought that was over and its only Prabhat or the media guy who were the betrayers in this part of the story it shocked me to find out that Naina was the real betrayer because she goes dances in the mockery song Love, Sex aur Dhoka. Thus the film gives a complete feeling

More than anything I loved the way the movie was interlinked. Even Inarritu would appreciate it. It was during the least expected moments that we get to know. Oh that’s the guy who came in the previous part. All in all a truly commendable effort. This would surely take cinema to next level. I know that this movie is not going to be a remake of Love, Sex and Videotape but still I was a bit skeptical. I was at least proved right this time around knowing that it’s ORIGINAL!


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