Movie Review – La Strada

Posted: June 9, 2013 in Movie Reviews
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I had the privilege of jumping through the scenes to find out whether the subtitles are working properly and in those few glances I could see the heroine with such innocent looks. Not everyone is blessed with innocence like this. I was greatly impressed by this artist when I watched Nights of Cabiria itself. La Strada was an even more famous film of her but I prefer Nights of Cabiria to this. May be because I watched that first. La Strada was largely funny film with a bit of melancholy and towards the climax it achieves its greatness, just like Nights of Cabiria. Of the three films that I’ve watched till now of Fellini’s 8 ½ is definitely distinct and best of the three. The rest two were similar in style and in making.


While I was searching for the image to upload with the review of this movie. I could see so many close up shots of Cabiria. Please allow me to call her so. In my mind she’s fixed as Cabiria. Oh how I loved when she entered got amazed by that big house. She deserves every accolade she gets and rightly called the lady Chaplin. In each of the close up shot you could see the difference in her expression. You get to know about rare talents at rarest of times. When I was stuck with this review and wasn’t able to proceed further I saw her looking at me in those various stills. None has given me so many different expressions and also made it likeable too.

I wasn’t amazed as much as I was supposed to or as much as I wanted to be. It’s again a road movie like Nights of Cabiria. Both were very similar to each other. It could even be made as a two part movie. In Cabiria she is pushed into water by the guy who is with her and here too the opening shot is in the beach where she comes home running after knowing that her sister is dead when she is out with one Zampano. But she too has to go with Zampano in order to feed the family. She agrees it readily. She’s a happy soul, this Gelsomina. I like the description given by Wikipedia about Gelsomina, a credulous woman. She indeed is. She is more of a child. You can’t make her unhappy for more than a minute. So when she gets a chance to go with Zampano she readily agrees. She is so happy to get away from the family so that she could see the world around.

Zampano who takes her in spite of warnings from her mother, that she doesn’t know a thing. He says at that time that he can teach even a dog. And that’s what she does when she takes her. The initial lesson where she’s asked to beat the drums was very hilarious. Whatever tasks she is given she starts laughing. She does the same when she’s asked to beat the drums. But this time she’s not taken funny but gets whipped for her act. The highlight here is she doesn’t beat the drums correctly, the way Zampano said, till the end.

But a girl of such caliber becomes silent towards the end when she sees Ll Matto dying in front of her. It’s too much of shock for her. The worst punishment she can give to the people around her is to stop talking. It’s like the punishment Amina Sinhai gives in Midnight Children (the book.) She punishes her children saying that they shouldn’t talk. But this happens very late in the story and it’s only the last few minutes the film transcends to a different level. I’d have liked to watch that part of the film for some more time. May be that would have made the movie as special as I thought.


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