Movie Review – Kahaani

Posted: June 2, 2013 in Movie Reviews
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I knew the climax alright so may be my whole perspective would have changed but this movie didn’t stop me from getting immersed in it. Bidya Balan, I beg your pardon Vidya Balan is a prolific actor. We all know that. But she’s a terrific beauty too. Her dirty picture was disastrous for which she was raved more than any of her films. Skin show doesn’t suit her and if I had to pin point she’s not as good as Konkana Sen Sharma or Shabana Azmi too when it comes to acting but yet she’s prolific because you could rarely see her ‘acting.’ She gets so much into the character you could hardly differentiate between her original persona and cinematic role. Here too she does one such role.


In this movie it would be ridiculous to call Vidya Balan as the only performer. She is considered before others because her name appears on screen first and we know her by name. Even I had to Google to know rest of the casts name and I couldn’t give credit to everyone because I don’t know the real names of everyone who impressed me in this movie. But amongst the rest if I had to target one person and award the star performer award I’d give it to Parambrata Chatterjee , the guy who played Rana. Almost equally good was Nawazuddin Siddiqui, who played Khan and the senior police officer in the police station. Even the kids who come across and the receptionist who says his hotel is has zero stars because he doesn’t have a computer too were impressive.

The question is how much I would have guessed had I not known the story. I guess I would have guessed to some extent. Because there were enough clues, may be because I knew the climax or may be just because I was intelligent. We see a lot of children in the frame and in one scene where Rana asks about her child she sheds a tear. Similarly there is a mention about her pregnancy by Khan. Add to it she also gets clue to most of the situations, may be to say that as a point is too farfetched but still… So more or less the jumble looks less teasy.

And I like films that celebrate city. Be it May Madam or Delhi 6 or Midnight in Paris the way they show their city with true unadulterated love is great to watch. Till date I didn’t know that people in Kolkata have two names and call ‘V’ as ‘B.’ May be its pun too. Nevertheless I enjoyed it. One character who showed the complete essence of Kolkata is the inspector in Police Station. And it’s a good move to involve people from Kolkata background in the movie which made it look more authentic and realistic. A trick which usually Ram Gopal Varma uses to full effect.

The film opens with people killed in Metro Station because of some gas tragedy, before that we see that a testing was done and few rats were killed. Two years later a pregnant Vidya comes to city in search of husband. She directly goes to police station so that we don’t guess there is any conspiracy. And one more thing that was brilliantly done in the movie is calling her a software engineer so that she could have easy access to computer and in a place where there is relatively less knowledge about computers she could easily use the computers to her aid.

She gets to meet Rana and gets pleasantly acquainted with him. To show that her pregnancy is authentic a couple of times she trips ‘accidentally’ only to be helped by Rana. And the best of all is how she uses Rana by teasingly flirting with him. Rana by the look of it is a guy who never seemed to have had a girl friend. So a pretty acquaintance, even though pregnant interests him. Rana himself couldn’t accept the fact that he flirts with Vidya but that’s the fact. And Vidya chooses her coins right. Of all he chooses Rana so that she could effectively use him and she does effectively use him much to the dismay of Khan and us. At the end of the day if there was one guy whom I felt sorry for it is Rana. Poor fellow!

Thus with the help of Rana and every police official who try to solve the mystery of Milan Damji she tries to find her husband Amab Bagchi. She accidentally kills people involved with Milan Damji which makes Khan reveal that they have used her. A depressed Vidya walks out of the situation but joins hands them reluctantly knowing that only if Amab Bagchi is known Milan Damji could be found out. What happens towards the end, whether Vidya gets her husband is the climax.

It was one of those movies which keep you intrigued from first to last. To have made it even better I’d have loved if sharp cuts had been avoided. Like the ones where she goes out of lift when she first enters the hotel. Barely two or three seconds more would have been added to the movie but that would have been pleasing to our eyes rather than making the picture hurried.

And who knows I would have not noted any of these and given four out of four stars if I had not known the climax.


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