To make things clear, Gangs of Wasseypur 1 and 2 are not different movies. It’s a two part movie where a single movie is cut into two halves due to time constraint so I watched both of them together but I regret it. It’d have been even better if I had watched the first one and waited for a while to watch the second one. It’d have added more meaning because the so called second part was terrific. In the first part we could see how much effort Kashyap had taken to make a sincere movie. His eye for details as usual was amazing. But in the second movie he lets go of his inhibitions and makes a brilliant movie in his own Kashyap style. There are lots of laugh out loud black comedies coming out but this mix of violence with black comedy and wry humor is amazing. Add to it he has some brilliant performances throughout with Nawazuddin Siddiqui. Man, what an actor he is.

Gangs of wasseypur

Gangs of Wasseypur is Kashyaps answer to The Godfather, it’s how Kamal made his Devar Magan. If Coppola had seen the movie he have surely would have been proud of Kashyap. Such is how I felt about the movie. Godfather is one great movie which I don’t like. I tried to find out meaning a couple of times. It didn’t appeal to me. I can’t force myself to like to movie. My inner conscience won’t accept it. The reason I thought for not liking the movie is I couldn’t relate to it. When I watched Gangs of Wasseypur 1 I thought this movie too is going to end up like Godfather, not in a positive way. Even though the film was Indian I couldn’t relate to this one too. But the second part totally changed my perspective. It was such pure piece of art. The first I felt was like more of a documentary. I wasn’t prepared to watch a documentary after seeing the title Gangs of Wasseypur.

One could draw many parallels between The Godfather and Gangs of Wasseypur. The main similarity is how Sardar Khan (a brilliant Manoj Bajpai) and Don Corleone and Faizal Khan and Michael Corleone are interlinked. Their legacy, growth and finally their downfall. Only Kashyap could pay tribute to Godfather like this. But there is one main difference between the two films. That’s the treatment given to them. Godfather though deals with the smugglers is a hugely heroic one whereas Gangs of Wasseypur especially the first part is not given any thought to make it heroic. They are pure bad ass characters whose story we see on screen. In fact when Sardar Khan dies he doesn’t evoke any sympathy from us, in fact no one does but still we are glued to know their story.

In the title credits the first name that we see is of the casting director. I don’t think it was done without any reason. Because he’s the first one to be saluted. What a brilliant job he has done. Not even a single character looked out of place. Everyone gelled to their role like glue. Hats off! Then the second integral part, music! Sneha Khanwalkar has done a brilliant job. You could see the transformation in music alone. The songs were not made to become huge hits. It was made to keep the mood intact. It doesn’t even feel like it’s separately created in studio and added to the film. It feels like it happens in the movie, just like that. But that doesn’t stop her from giving us a brilliant composition in the form of “Kala re.” Take a drag like Faizal Khan and listen to the song. It’ll transport you to different planet. And coming to G.V. Prakash whom I thought is Amit Trivedi of south has also done a brilliant job for the background score. I never knew that he could be this good a music director.

Like every gangster story this too has a voice over in the form of Nasir (Piyush Mishra), though it becomes evident that except for the one mistake of trying to have sex with Nagma (Richa Chadda) he is an honest man. He even punishes himself for the offence that he tried to commit. He comes throughout the film as a typical loser who couldn’t wield to guns but is rooted to the family. His expressionless voice adds flavor to the film by telling the story of the gangs from the point of a man who’s fed up of war. Kashyap ensures that he has a subtle voice which won’t make the film heroic.

Then there is a femme fatale we expect in every gangster movie. Huma Qureshi plays the role of Mohsina, love of Faizal. Beauty with brains she is and supports his husband throughout the movie. One more thing to note throughout the film is how these guys get their girls. They are man enough to ask their girl out and the ladies who get impressed by their attitude accept them immediately. There is not even a single girl in the family who is forced to marry their husband. They get into deep grief when they lose their husband. That shows their genuine love for their husband.

This film could very well be taken up by film students for study because of the way it is written and for the exhaustive character study. Kashsyap shows how good a writer he is. There is not even a single story that goes off the place. Every story is so brilliantly interlinked and woven together to form a complete mass. When you finish watching this two part epic you would get a complete feeling. Even though I didn’t like the climax because it seemed to be the obvious thing to happen I liked the parts where Definite double crosses with Iqlakh.



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