Movie Review – Flight

Posted: June 2, 2013 in Movie Reviews
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Flight is all about Denzel Washington’s Charisma. Denzel gets high on alcohol on the day before his final interrogation and on the morning before going to court he snorts coke to fix himself up, then makes a majestic walk to the lift. Meanwhile his lawyer tells him what to say in court about the previous night for which Denzel replies, “Don’t tell me how to lie about my alcoholic habit. I’ve been doing this for my whole life.” This scene would have been a treat for anyone who loves adrenaline rush in the movie and as well for his fans. Flight is that type of movie where you sit back and enjoy. Don’t analyze because there is nothing there to analyze.


I expected a lot out of this movie because it was by Robert Zemeckis. A brilliant director who made many great commercial movies like Cast Away, Back to the Future etc. Those were movies which appealed not only because of its pure entertainment. It appealed because those were intelligent pictures. I expected a similar movie from Robert Zemeckis here too. May be I would have watched only his good movies and thought this movie too would be of the caliber of the movies I’ve watched. Could be my mistake too. But without any presumptions too this movie doesn’t hold up to the standard of a good movie.

Whip Whitaker is an alcoholic Airline Captain who has sex, alcohol and barely any sleep the day before his flight. He further uses Coke to fix things up before he boards the flight. The aircraft which he drives goes into a deep descent and with skill Whip manages to save the lives of almost all the passengers by discreetly rolling it over the ground. Initially everything goes well and he gets a lot of appreciation for his effort.

But later is warned by a lawyer that his alcohol instincts are found out. He tries to get out of it but couldn’t. When he cleans and throws away all the liquor bottles I thought the movie would go on positively after that but again the next day he goes shopping and buys all his stuff which was damn funny. Everyone who drinks would have loved the scene. So was the final scene. They all were hugely heroic.

Whether the film works as a complete package or not it certainly worked at least for the heroism.


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