Movie Review – Drag Me to Hell

Posted: June 2, 2013 in Movie Reviews
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Drag Me to Hell is Sam Riami’s, the spider man fame’s take on a good old horror flick. If you expect anything new in it you’re in for disappointment. It’s just the same old story which is better edited, visually better projected and has a ravishing heroine, an asset on any day. As soon as I started watching this film I fell in love with this heroine, Alison Lohman. But like every pretty heroine in a horror flick she too is a dumb blond.

drag me to hell

It’s an out an out traditional horror film, right from poster to climax. Though one poster of the film looks like Alison Lohman during climax rather than looking like getting afraid. Before getting into the story and before the even the title gets displayed we see a young boy to a medium to get rid of the ghost. The possessed boy suddenly gets life only to be dragged into hell. The lady who acts as medium, in fact she looks more scary than the ghost or lamia or whatever. That’s when the title flashes with a picture board of the whole story which is about to come. There is nothing particularly surprising in the story which needs a story board explanation but Riami does that.

Christine Brown (Alison Lohman) is a bank loan officer in California. In blue semi transparent shirt she sits there and longs for that assistant manager seat which is vacant at that time. She has a competitor in the form of China man Stu. Their boss juggles between the two to fill in that post. Don’t know what kind of boss he is. A lady like Christine would be an obvious choice for any boss no matter what his age is. Okay let’s set aside personal ramblings and get to the story.

Christine is soon approached by an old lady named Ganush asking for an extension of loan. She refuses it but we come to know she could have extended it if needed. As she doesn’t do that the old lady takes her button, curses her and gives it back. She starts getting attacked by ghosts and goes to a fortune teller, the usual suspect Rham Jas (DileepRao). The way he analyses the ghosts is quite funny. In fact no actors have a clue of what they are doing. Nothing seems to make any scene even a bit frightening.

Then there is the biggest loser of all Clay Dalton (Justin Long). You hate him even more when you see him with such a pretty lass. Quite expectedly he does whatever she asks for, otherwise how’d you expect a girl to love such a guy. Including paying for Rham Jas, paying for the medium San Dena etc. But during every important scene he won’t be there in the picture. Good for us!

The funniest scene happens when they try to drive the lamia on third day. We get to see an old bungalow, a goat ready to be slaughtered but lamia couldn’t be killed instead the more threatening San Dena gets killed. Now we have no other option but to give that cursed button to someone else so that the lamia gets passed to that person. *yawn* Why couldn’t you have done this one and a half hours before? I know the movie wouldn’t have got started if it had happened but still…

So what does our heroine do she gets overtly clever and shoves it on the old hags mouth. Someone who has been haunted by ghosts goes to a cemetery at midnight, digs with a shovel and shoves the envelope on a corpse’s mouth. Pretty brave lady huh? But it’s a scene to be enjoyed because you see here in a body hugging tee. To add glamour to it there is heavy rain. If that’s not enough you get disco lighting and sound, I mean thunders in the middle the longer she digs the happier we are.

No suspense in climax, it’s a wrong envelope which gets interchanged when she accidentally drops envelopes in her boyfriend’s car. But when you clearly see during those rain scenes the button marks would be visible. I’m ashamed that I watched the movie this closely but being a prick I can’t help but highlight it. So when her boyfriend gives back to her she falls from the railway platform and gets dragged to hell. The envelope is still with his boyfriend though. Let him go to hell! But even that won’t happen because there is another glitch. The curse will work only if the buttons are formally presented which didn’t happen. So if you have that little suspense and pity for this loser guy please don’t be.

I actually don’t understand whether this movie was intentionally made this serious or is it a serious comedy. It didn’t work for me in either way. It remains as just another silly movie which tries so bad to make us spooky. All it does is make me yucky. Sorry for the rhyme. Can’t help it.


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