Movie Review – Django Unchained

Posted: May 26, 2013 in Movie Reviews
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There are a million ways to make a movie on slavery. But a movie like Django Unchained could be made only by Tarantino. Who else would get the idea of making a horse do a moon walk? The film opens with a bunch of slaves walking through the desert. The back ground score is amazing yet another time. Tarantino plays tricks right from the fonts. Every single scene is pun. Chritopher Waltz as Dr. King Scultz makes a sudden entry and ensures he has a long dialogue about Django’s release and a bloody action scene ensures Tarantino’s mark.


What makes us curious in Tarantino’s movies is he makes certain scenes funny and certain scenes seriously funny. We have to know to differentiate between it. It’s an insult to our intelligence if we are not able to differentiate it. So generally you don’t see people hating Tarantino’s movies. They couldn’t say why they hated it. Calling the movie violent and gore would make them puny. That’s the compulsion Tarantino puts us into. Django again is one such movie. It’s like his every other movie where you have slow mo actions, heavy back ground scores,

It took me a while to realize that Dr. Schultz is actually Christopher Waltz. His character in Inglorious basterds and here in Django Unchained are in total contrast but a good move by Tarantino in making him a German assailant. It must be a conscious decision by Tarantino to have German background which would grant more authenticity to his role. Tarantino being an amazing writer didn’t make us feel that the background of Waltz was purposefully fed.

Of all the things see the pun in which characters come and go. This movie was marketed with Dicaprio’s name but he makes entry after about an hour. We see Waltz making every move until he dies all of a sudden in a brutal Tarantino style war. Django doesn’t look as a confident man throughout the movie. His mind is constantly wandering. He keeps on thinking about what would happen next and where he’d get caught. He is stuck between Waltz and Dicaprio. Taking about the roles they performed there is a beautiful role reversal there too. Dicaprio as a villan was amazing to see. Even though he can’t be considered one of the best actors around but he is really good in serious moments with camera right on his face. During his fight scene he shows tremendous amount of restrain only with his eyes and his expressions are master class.

This movie is yet another example of constructing a temple out of a garbage heap. Everything he has done might have been considered cheap a decade ago before he came out with his highest ever grossing independent film Pulp Fiction. He made a class act out of B-grade films. Made people realize that in spite of having a lot of gore and foul language the movie could still be made Oscar worthy.


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