Movie Review – Casino

Posted: May 26, 2013 in Movie Reviews
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Casino is a feature of this famous trio of De Niro, Scorsese and Nicholas Pileggi along with Joe Pesci which is set up in the dreamland of Vegas. What more do I want? De Niro aka Ace plays the wise guy who makes one hell of a living out of casinos. Bosses like him because he’s honest, guests like him because he’s honest and we like him too because he’s honest. Then how does his life get screwed? I said it’s great to have a friend like Joe Pesci. It’s great only until it’s great. When a friend like Nicky (Joe Pesci) screws up. He screws up big. That’s what he does to Ace.


On top of it Ace marries a hustler called Ginger (Sharon Stone). Who had just done what she does best and how? When everything goes well Ace does this one mistake of marrying Ginger against the advice of all. Ginger is a kind of girl whom you take to bed, tip off and let go. No strings attached. When you marry someone like Ginger trouble does happen. The after marriage tiffs between Ace and Ginger reminds us of Scarface very much. I preferred this one to Scarface because here the protagonist was a confident guy whereas in Scarface Al was not. He was tormenting himself, he was insecure and that majorly led to his problem. Here the whole problem is Vicky, which makes us sympathize with Ace even more.

Scorsese has given Ace a unique style. He wears all those fluorescent colors and still looks like hero. How many could carry these colors and still could look manly? Still I can’t help but laugh when Nicky points that out to him. Even though Nicky is the one who screws up Ace’s entire life he won my heart when he kicks out Ginger and asks her whether he’d really have her leaving those years of friendship. Some charming guy huh!

Talking about Ace he’s a self-centric guy. The only reason I could see him marrying ginger is to satisfy his ego. Other than her no one could bring down his male ego. Like every gangster film of Scorsese here too the protagonist is male chauvinist. Scorsese doesn’t conceal this fact but he doesn’t glorify it too. What he glorifies is violence towards woman and others. He does that not to evoke sympathy on Ginger. We don’t get any sympathy for her. A nagging wife looked way better than this junkie Ginger. Come on who would not hit a wife who ties her daughter to go out shopping.

Taking about violence I’m a huge fan of cinematic violence. This film just had everything I wanted. Right from knuckle breaking to eye popping. On top of it the language especially of Joe Pesci’s was icing on the cake. If you don’t know f-word was used in this scene for a whopping 398 time thus making it the fifth in the list of films with most f-words. Another feather in the cap.

Having said all those one of the overlooked scenes and my favorite of Ace is the one where Ace remains without his boxers in his office room. He asks the receptionist to call him after a few minutes when she says that the county commissioner has come to meet him. Ace then wears a trouser and welcomes the county commissioner. He doesn’t ask him to exit hastily after the phone call. Actually that phone call of his doesn’t seem to have any effect on the scene. But it’s one hell of a trick to actually avoid eye contact and not let sheriff know any of his shortcomings.

Few might be disappointed to see De Niro coming out alive after the blast. I would have regretted if he had died. His death would have found him solace instead here is Ace once a king living but now living a life as loser. As he says, right back to where he started.


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