Movie Review – Beyond

Posted: May 26, 2013 in Movie Reviews
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Just when I was about to settle in my seat getting satisfied to watch a feel good movie, Leena, the lead character in the movie gets a phone call and which makes her nervous and me restless. I was fed up. How many times am I gonna watch a depressing movie. It had such a beautiful opening with husband and wife getting cozy in the bed and the wife, Leena mildly nudging her husband away saying, “They are coming.” Their two daughters bring in a cake to celebrate something and that’s when the phone rings disrupting everyone’s happiness.


Through a series of flashbacks we get to know that Leena had had a terrible past with her dad being drunkard and a mute brother. She had endured more than what a child could endure during her days with patience. She uses all her negative energy into positive energy and wins swimming title for their team. But there is hardly anyone who celebrates her success. That’s the story of her life. Whatever she does, wins, losses, sorrows, happiness she has only herself to share.

She is lucky to have an understanding husband and adorable little daughters but that part is not dealt much in this film which is largely feminist. The whole story revolves around Leena and how she copes up with her life. It is in fact a story of two ladies. Leena and her mother. Leena’s mother is not as strong as Leena. Before we know that Leena’s dad is a drunkard we might come to the notion that it might be Leena’s mother who is gonna cause all problems. The call which makes Leena gets distressed makes us think so but that’s not the case.

Leena’s dads drinking habit it shown to us all of a sudden. Though it’s shown in words I thought it happened all of a sudden. But the director escaped without any calamities because the story was not in linear fashion otherwise it’d have severely affected the flow of the movie. Once we see Leena’s dad getting drunk we could see the pain that she had undergone. The way she takes care of the brother whenever she gets to know that their parents are fighting was brilliant. She makes her mute brother a bubble bath and closes his ears so that he can’t hear them fighting. And it takes us a while to know that he’s mute.

I say that Leena’s mother is not as strong as Leena because. Deep inside her in spite of knowing that her husband is a drunkard and there is going to be no respite she continues to take care of him. She gets bashed and gets called by unparliamentary words. She takes everything and continues to live with it. Add to it she has sex with him even after she knows that he’s going to get drunk the other day and bash her up. That’s how Leena’s mother used to think. This makes Leena hate her mother more than anything else. She knows that her mother is adjusting without any reason. Thus when her mother wants to meet her dad before going to graveyard she gets so irritated and vents out her anger which she had in her heart for long.

But once she comes home and receives a call knowing that her mother has died she breaks out, a strong Leena who had endured so much without a drop of tear breaks up when her only relation dies. The sensitivity of woman is so well shown in the movie which includes the mood swings of Leena as well as tolerance of her mother who couldn’t stop thinking of her husband no matter what.   


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