Movie Review – Batman Begins

Posted: May 26, 2013 in Movie Reviews
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I watched Batman Begins for second time. It’s not often I watch a movie second time. The second viewing was not because the movie impressed me so much and I was dying to watch. It’s just that I wanted to watch The Dark Knight Rises with the flow. Before my second viewing the only scene I remembered is a super cute Katie Holmes slapping Christian Bale in car.


But thanks to my second viewing I loved the movie. The movie was not hurried to start with but it had every bit of superhero stuff. The music, the initial lows, the final highs, the costume, action, the dialogues and everything. Batman for some reason has been my favorite super hero. May be that’s because of the black dress. I loved the scene when Bale tests the tumbler and asks Freeman whether it’s available in black.

Other superheroes didn’t make a mark for some strange reason. Though superman is a born hero I till date don’t like his costume. It still looks childish for me. Spiderman is always apprehensive. I loved the black spider man though but here is batman, a thorough professional super hero. He knows what he’s doing. There are no exclusive powers and stunts too are believable. Even if not wholly believable it still is believable.  Add to it the color is black.

The movie like many doesn’t start with his alter ego Bruce Wayne being a weakling. He’s indeed powerful but guilt is what worries him. Flashback scenes are beautifully done. His father is truly a father figure to him whom everyone would look up to. That’s why feels guilty when he gets killed. But good for him there are always people who believe in him. I must mention here every supporting actor has been a pillar of support for the movie.

To mention a few I liked the scene where Gary Oldman drives the tumbler with an always apprehensive face and in a couple of scenes before he’d have said, “I’d like to have this one.” Michael Caine as a trusted Butler too was impressive when he says to an injured Bruce lying in shambles, “What’s the point in doing pushups when you can’t lift this one. (sic)” And needless to say, for Morgan Freeman this role is just a cake Walk. This is what you could achieve if you have a great supporting cast.

The whole movie is given a darker tone be it the making, the story or the lighting. That adds to the strength of the movie. The whole film has a matured look so that we don’t dismiss the movie as, “oh this is for kids.” By making this movie for matured audience he has taken a risk. I’m not sure whether kids would enjoy the movie. It’s not a general superhero movie where things happen literally. Most of the things happen within. The scene where Bale stands in the midst of flying bats in the underground is epic. Equally awesome scene is when he walks out of the building with bats surrounding him.

A movie that has been waiting to be made from 1997 was finally made that too realistically deserves applause. The first time a superhero movie was made realistically. Thanks to Nolan. Instead of knowing the heroics of Batman he let us know his fears and what made him batman, what gave him the push and why he became batman in the movie.

Beware it’s just the beginning.


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