Movie Review – Back To You Arms

Posted: May 26, 2013 in Movie Reviews
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By far one of the least engaging films of European film festival that I was part of was Back to your Arms. Except for the one scene I clapped without my knowledge when the daughter accidentally slips and falls in the arms of her dad I couldn’t find this movie interesting in any aspect. But this movie can be helpful in learning about Berlin during the period the Berlin wall was raised. As expected the tone of the movie was highly melancholic but it didn’t build the tension it promised in the first scene. We see a couple of guys kidnapping a person and drawing him into the car. A similar scene was present even in the later part of the movie but it was not engaging by any means.


But the good thing about the movie is the time frame it has been taken. We have seen a lot of German Movies and most among them are movies about SS and Nazis. Or if at all it’s about Berlin we either see the movie happening during the period the Berlin wall was about to abolished. But here on the contrary we get to see a period where it’s decided that the Berlin wall is going to be constructed. This in a way tells the climax of the story that it’s going to be a sad ending. The Berlin wall comes as a divide between the dad and daughter for time immemorial. That’s nice depiction, the way it was handled.

The film has political background to it. One must have known about the happenings in Berlin to appreciate the tension which happens in the movie. There are lots of rules like calls should not be made from East to West Berlin and coins of one place shouldn’t be brought to another etc. Being an US citizen she doesn’t know about the rules and get caught by the police thinking she is a smuggler. But later gets released when she pleads with the police officer and asks him whether she looks like a smuggler.

A lot of uneventful events happen when she tries to cross the Berlin barrier but in spite of its heavy subject there were one or two wry humorous scenes. One such scene is when the dad and daughter without knowing about each other meet in pub. The lady asks for water but the waiter refuses to give it. When her dad asks the waiter, “couldn’t you even give a glass of water” he replies, “I’d have if you had not been there.” It brought a smile in many faces in an otherwise gloomy story. Even for scenes like these the actors were stone-faced and didn’t make a move of their facial muscles. Guess the director had been so hell bent on keeping the mood of the film intact.

In both the dad and daughters face you could see the longing to meet each other. As viewers when they cross each other without recognizing we find it hard to control the irritation. Much to our annoyance they don’t get to be together even for a moment till the climax. For some reason this movie didn’t work for me. I felt restless like a person sitting idle on a dog day afternoon.


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