Movie Review – Azhagarsamiyin Kuthirai

Posted: May 26, 2013 in Movie Reviews
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“Kuthikkira Kuthikkira kuthira kutti” is a brilliant composition by Ilaiyaraaja which made me get hooked to this film first up. I must say I was disappointed. Though I didn’t expect any miracle but I at least expected a decent time pass movie.


This film is a usual village melodrama where there is a Minor, a love story, rain gods hiding permanently behind clouds and enmity between village perusus.  For the innocents, Minor is the guy who woos other people’s wives. How he does no one knows but what’s important is he does. There is a guy like that in this movie too and the god (read as Azhagarsamiyin Kuthirai) punishes him rightly by stabbing his you know what. Why god is so much against Casanova’s I don’t know.

Then as always there is a clichéd love story between people of different cast. The one who gets to love will be the fairest of all. Both the guy and the girl didn’t look like people who belonged to the village. Why make people stand out when all that should be done is to choose a couple among them. Remember the pair from Kungumapoovum Konjumpuraavum. They looked least bit like lead pair. Every time “chinna chirusuga” song comes in T.V. my mom used to hate it and asked me to change the channel saying, “Who’ll watch the movie if you put such a pair on screen?” That’s the success of the movie. We don’t want to watch a hero and heroine romance. We don’t want to see the story of someone who stands out from the crowd. All we want is to see what it feels like to be in the nest.

The films protagonist makes entry into the film just before interval with a low held camera, orchestra music and clear skies behind him. If you’re showing a normal persons tale why highlight him like that. If you’ve decided to highlight the hero why wait till this long to introduce him. The hero comes and gets beaten up by the people in village. The director Suseenthiran tries to steal sympathy from us which sadly doesn’t happen. Nevertheless, the lead actor Appukutty does a commendable job in this film.

Though the overall impact of the film is less there are quite a few scenes which stand out. I loved the scene where Appukutty comes out of the ceremony after seeing Saranya but the director spoiled the essence by making the scene so literal. He made it literal by letting Appukutty talk what he thought, to his horse.

The Climax scene again was good where Appukutty rides his horse for the first time coming to meet Saranya. He rides only after Azhagar rides his horse in the village festival. Nice touch by the director in an otherwise ordinary film.

Ilaiyaraaja doesn’t do much in this film except for the “Kuthikkira Kuthikkira kuthira kutti” song and in the BGM when the horse runs around village chasing the people who try to kill Appukutty.

One more thing I like in these village movies, especially village movies down south is they have affinity towards good food. I love every scene where the camera focuses on food. It doesn’t have to be so lavish like the food shown in “sara sara sara kathu” song. Even if the camera focuses on modest food like rice and meen kozhambu it’s so good to see. Directors intentionally or unintentionally add scenes where people eat haughtily.

I was watching this movie along with my family. The introduction of Soori, I correct Parotta Soori made every one of us smile and to add to the name there was a scene where he comes to inform the police about some incident happening at one end of the city. Before hearing him out the two policemen ask, “parotta sapidriya da?” for which he replies “ahan ithellam namaku pathahu”. The ‘ahan’ in the same way he says in Vennila Kabadi Kuzhu when he asks the parotta master to rub all the lines and start afresh. This evoked the highest laughter from us and undoubtedly is the funniest scene in the movie.

This guy has carved a niche for himself. Like how thespian Sivaji Ganesan ate fish (seer fish I guess) in Mudhal mariyathai, every time I eat parotta only one guy comes to my mind and that’s him.


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