Movie Review – Athanasia

Posted: May 26, 2013 in Movie Reviews
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I completed by European film fest with this movie. A movie which was very well received by the people over there but I felt the movie didin’t have any depth to be appreciated by so many people out there. It was a movie about a lady Athanasia, how she has come from her humble origin in Greece to America where she carries fruitful life.


During a birthday party of Athanasia’s granddaughter, Athanasia’s husband decides to tell the story of his wife to her daughter. She shows her daughter a series of pictures and tells that he is not his real father. So Athanasia’s husband and daughter venture out to Greece to find out about Athanasia’s real father.

They even succeed in their attempt but Athanasia’s doesn’t get to know the real story behind how she was born instead goes for her own version of the story. His step dad too doesn’t insist on the story and bring melancholy to the family he lets her know the story that she wants to know.

Even though I wasn’t impressed by the movie much I should give it for the makeup. It’s so well done that we could hardly guess their age. It looks like too different person who had acted in two different stages of the movie. Especially make up of Athanasia. Just brilliant!


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