Movie Review – Argo

Posted: May 26, 2013 in Movie Reviews
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Argo undoubtedly is the most charming film this Oscar season and deserves every bit of appreciation it’s getting. Ever since I saw Good Will Hunting and Gone Baby Gone I’ve loved this guy. A truly passionate director and an extremely humble actor on screen. He selects the role perfectly and carries it even more perfectly. Actors like Joseph Gordon Levitt, Ben Affleck are the reason why people still love to watch movies by youngsters. They don’t overdo their role and don’t have aww soo cute image in spite of being handsome.


Good that the movie is about a true story which has already happened otherwise people would have hardly believed this story. There would have been questions asking how this could have been possible. Now as it has happened now one will have that question. But even if it not happened the Affleck was so sure what he was doing. I guess he’d have pulled it off. It’s similar to Into the Wild. As that too has happened there were fewer questions otherwise they’d have disregarded that too as mere fantasy.

The story is about six American diplomats are freed from Iran without any sort of violence. Initially the US embassy in Tehran is captured by the protestors and they start getting into the complex to arrest the people inside. Luckily six of the American diplomats escape from the place and go into hiding in Canadian ambassadors’ place. Tension builds around when they try to evacuate them from that place. The US state department calls in Tony Mendez (Ben Affleck) to devise a plan to make them escape. He disapproves of every plan that is presented to him but is not able to give an alternative. Finally while watching Battle of the Planet of the Apes he devises a plan to get them out.

On first instinct when the plan was said even I laughed. You must imagine how tough it’d have been for Tony to make the whole jury agree to the plan. Even though this was a real story Affleck could easily have been tagged a fool if he had not made the movie properly. This film had a lot of scope to falter. Yet to overcomes everything and makes a brilliant movie. Tony then with the help of producers successfully creates the necessary hype for a nonexistent movie. Every time they say Argo Fuck yourself would have made the whole crowd to cheer.

Tony then leaves to Iran and tells the plan to the six diplomats but like everyone they too don’t believe the plan would work. Finally knowing that even Tony’s life is at risk they agree for the plan. Tony says, “You must be so thorough with the dialogue that even in your dreams you should dream of that character.” Brilliant dialogue that. They try to go outside one day so that people believe that the shoot is indeed going on. They are largely successful but their photos are captured by a hidden camera.

Knowing that the cast of the so called film were the ones who actually escaped out of American Embassy. Knowing that they begin to trace the location. Meanwhile the plan devised by Tony gets cancelled as it was conflicting with the planned military rescue. Tony as a last chance goes on with the plan and flees the diplomats. But before their escape some thrilling moments happen. The highlight of which is story board explanation by one of the crew. Affleck manages to keep the tension afloat from first to last. He deserves a special mention for that.

Some movies make you excited and rarely let you think. Argo was one such movie. What I thought would be a great movie to write about. Hardly words are popping up. I’m yet to watch his Town. Having loved this movie to core I couldn’t wait to watch Town. I’m sure he wouldn’t disappoint me there too.

Well if you don’t like Argo, F*#k yourself


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