Movie Review – Annie Hall

Posted: May 26, 2013 in Movie Reviews
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Woody allen is an inquisitively charming fellow, especially on screen. His mere presence would make you feel light and enjoy the moment. And he does movies with so much ease that makes me feel light. He breaks the rule right away. He stares and talks to us a big monologue. The purpose of watching his film got resolved in the very first scene. To be honest when I watched the film I wasn’t really impressed but when I think about it I couldn’t write a word wrong about this movie. This movie is hailed as Woody Allen’s best by many critics. But from what I’ve watched I like “zestiest” more than this and my most favorite of his is “Midnight is Paris.” Nothing can beat this one film.


We come across a lot of funny situations in this film. The first one is the movie queue scene where a smartass starts to talk about Marshal McLuhan’s “The Sorrow and the Pity.” How many times we’ve come across smartasses like him and how many times we’d have liked to slap him. The exasperation by Allen during that scene was stupefying. How handy would it be if we get a quick fix remedy like him. I loved it when McLuhan jumps in the frame and clarifies that he’s wrong. Is there any better way to give nose cut? Seriously a ROFL moment. Instead of McLuhan the original choice of Allen was Fellini or Luis Buinel. It would have been amazing if these greats had acted but the change in actors doesn’t impact the charm of the scene much.

Some other ROFL moments are the crab scene where Allen and Diane Keaton exhibit such rare chemistry which seems to be so true. The above two scenes would have happened with everyone’s lives but why hasn’t it been never seen in cinema before. Is this a mark of greatness of people like Woody Allen who could steal those innocent charming moments from life?

If these couple of scenes is not enough when Alvy meets Annie after tennis match there is a pleasant flirtatious exchange of dialogues in roof top. Reading the subtitles along with hearing the dialogues were so funny that I started clapping hands after watching it. Woody Allen thus has broken a lot of film making myths with this film by having scenes like this which makes the film doesn’t fit into a specific genre. May be we can generalize the film saying it’s a comedy but just because it’s funny it doesn’t mean it’s not to be taken seriously. Many funny films face this harsh logic of not to be taken seriously. The only thing that makes a film great is by judging it based on its sincerity and not seriousness.

It’s not right even to call this film a comedy. Actually it’s a sad film glazed with humor. It just acts as a sugar coated pill for love lost people.  The purpose of the film remains a mystery. It’s not made keeping a specific category of people in mind. It’s for everyone to enjoy but the perception of it may differ. At the end of the film you have a certain feeling which is tough to explain. I’m trying to figure out that feeling by writing about the film. It’s something like expecting a reply after proposing. That awkward moment in love is so special no matter what the outcome is. Annie Hall is one such movie.

Though Woody Allen seems to be a charming individual on screen his life seems to be deteriorated. If one goes through the interview he gives and his way of looking life we could easily say that. What drives him to make films like this which makes people happy is unknown mystery. Generally a director’s present state gets reflected in his movie but his movies are always charming. Yes sometimes there is regret at some point in the movie which shows Allen’s sadness at the corner of his heart.


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