Movie Review – A Bronx Tale

Posted: May 26, 2013 in Movie Reviews
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I never thought that De Niro could be such a good director. I’m not sure of the part he played in the direction table but this movie will be etched in my memory. It was highly nostalgic to see De Niro in the familiar Italian Background, being a protective father was a treat to watch. I’m sure this movie must have been one of De Niro’s most personal ones. That’s why this movie gives you such a nostalgic feel.


As far as I know the first thing that comes to my mind when I think of De Niro is that he’s a gangster. His most famous movies were made in that background. He was very charismatic in those roles. But here we see a highly protective, read as annoying father. We hear the film through Calogero a.k.a C’s (Lorenzo’s son) point of view. It’s the story of the two most inspiring people of his life. I was waiting of Calogero to say a word wrong about his dad but he made me happy by not uttering a word wrong about his dad. That’s the maximum heroism De Niro gets in this movie. The mark of genius is evident in this movie by how he combines his cinematic image with his original writing. For an example how his parental care combines along with the mobster background.

The Bronx Tale is an example of how good you can make a movie and dedicate it to your son/dad. I could see the film in both of theirs point of view. A protective father caring about his son and an obedient son who couldn’t decide as to who is the one he should follow in life. He sees a hardworking, dedicated guy in his father and a powerful, superior guy in the form of Sonny. Like every teenager he’s insecure and confused. All those emotions were well portrayed.

Teenaged Calogero (Lillo Brancato, Jr.) fits the role to the tee. He has the right look and looks like an exact replica of De Niro. We see a young De Niro on screen. People like him though look very good for roles like these lose out in the outer world due to their familiarity. The way he handles the romance, the way he gives those emotions when he is afraid and everything related to his insecurity was amazing.  We could see his confusion on screen. The movie is as if a reflection of his inner self.

There is one common dialogue which gets repeated throughout the movie, “You’ll know when you grow up.” I don’t see anything that Calogero has to know. He knows already what he should know. It’s only the answer of grownups given to kids when they are not sure about the answer. All these minute details were introduced in the movie without a hint of glitch. Though it has a serious tone on the lookout this movie is what you term as serious comedy. Almost every scene could make you smile.

Very few films could make you feel empty after watching. I’m saying this in a good sense. This film gave me the feeling. When the camera zoomed out and music was played I felt as if I got distant from the movie. I got a feeling of moving out of well settled home place. Yes that’s how vacant I felt. Nevertheless it was a lovely experience.

Even though the movie is colorful and charismatic throughout you feel you’re missing something till the end. But once you see the climax you’ll be satisfied and you know why? If you haven’t watched the film yet after watching the film you’ll certainly know why


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