Movie Review – 32A

Posted: May 26, 2013 in Movie Reviews
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And I thought the title was referring to some bus route number. Such ignorant me! I asked every one of my male friends, “What’s the first thought when I say you the movie name is 32A?” Surprisingly every one said, “come on don’t I know even this?” and said the right answer. Yes 32A is the size of brassiere and that’s what the film is about. Though I didn’t get the title of the film. I got it (as a matter of fact anyone could have) while I saw the poster of the film. A brilliantly shot picture where the leading lady (I prefer to call her girl) hangs a brasserie.


I’m not a fan of girlie movies, they are so childish, may be to come out of depression or while flipping channels I watch them that too not completely and only for the skin show. Come on who would not love to watch the pillow fights. But 32A caught me by surprise. I never knew that a girlie movie could be so well made. Yes I again insist on the term girlie movie because it’s not just a movie about girls its shot in a specific fashion that every young western girl would relate to it and others will enjoy it.

We see four young girls Maeve, Ruth, Claire and Orla in their in between time of becoming a woman. The first thing that Maeve does once she gets up is look at her size of breast and the bra that she wears. She is the one who is obsessed with breasts. Her three friends Ruth, Claire and Orla are pillar of support to her and share a great vibe with each other. They teach her ever thing including how to kiss. The kiss shared by Maeve and her friend is so well made that the instinct is clearly evident. Things like these happen in every girl’s life and no one is bold enough to show them out. Every girl has a bit of boy in her and every boy has a bit of girl in him. And her obsession of breasts doesn’t make her a pervert. She is like that because of her age. Gradually things change.

Maeve gets to go out with the heartthrob of her area and in turn making the other girl jealous; she becomes proud and ditches her friends for him but gets caught at home for going out. She keeps quiet and does all the household chores assigned to her. That incident even creates a rift with her friends. She makes us feel so bad for her. When she is questioned by her mom on her return she finally breaks up and promises that the incident will never happen again. Such a lovely scene that! Finally during her birthday her parents surprise her by letting her friends come to their place and they reunite.

What makes the situation even crazier is that these girls study in a girl’s convent run by mothers so they totally look like rebels for the things they do. The way they hold cool drinks like beer and their attitude when they go out are absolutely rocking. They rebel for no cause.

In one such scene where they sit and drool over their heartthrob we get to see a man in car, who sits behind a newspaper where we could spot the word sex, but it’s not the subject in the frame and then we see him looking at the girls butt and tits from the car. I thought that I’m clever and spotted a maniac but was pleasantly surprised to see that he was the missing dad of one of the girls in the gang. When these girls miss their bus and come home in a taxi I was praying that he must not be a maniac because it’d have spoilt the whole mood set up by the movie. Instead it was a brilliant dad and daughter scene which happens. Another place I was afraid was when Maeve goes out with the guy and gets stoned. I was thinking something bad is going to happen but she goes to party and comes home safely. The director has played with our insecurities but hasn’t dished them out in a bad way.

This story could be anyone’s story but never has been a girlie movie made this authentic. The director Marian Quinn would have been more a friend than director to the girls because I rarely felt that they were acting. They were living their own lives on screen. More than the girls it’d have been special for every guy who watched the movie who always wanted to have a peek in the life of a girl. This movie played a perfect fodder for guy’s instincts.

I’m appreciating this movie more and more because a movie is considered best only when it’s hard hitting. At least most of the time. But here is a perfect feel good movie. May be it’ll get lost with a bunch of other movies but like the title it stays true to the genre. Talking about the title there is a scene where Maeve who is put into punishment stares at her teachers (a sister) breast and writes the punishment in a funny way which would remind us of our past. For example, if we are given a punishment to write “I will not repeat this again” for 100 times, after a couple of sentence we start writing all ‘I’s first and ‘will’s’ next etc. I’m sure everyone would have done this in their young age. Not only that the scene is exactly reciprocated in the movie. We see a couple of sentences which are completely written as I said and then follows this one by one word procedure. Such an eye for details! Things like these might be overlooked but even if it’s overlooked it’s the success for the director.


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