Book Review – P.S. I Love You

Posted: May 26, 2013 in Book Reviews
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Having just now finished the book I was pleasantly surprised. Going by the title I thought this too would be just another cheesy love story like A Walk to Remember. In fact after getting to know about a certain death in the first chapter I thought it’s going to be another lovey dovey affair on paper. But the book ended up being an excellent love story. In fact the best on papers I’ve read thus far. Remember I’m not a big fan of love stories till some time back. I read this book because I had the DVD of the movie and I thought why not read the book too and find out which one is worse out of the two. The book having surprised me I’m now waiting to get my hands on the movie to see how well it has been adapted.


My idea of Holly was a tall slender girl but from the titles of the book I came to know Hilary Swank is playing the role of Holly and Gerard Butler, I don’t know what role he’s playing. Hilary Swank in spite of being one of my favorite actors I don’t think she would fit to the role of Holly. But why judge beforehand, let me watch the movie and then decide.

We get to know about Holly’s husband Gerry’s death in the very first chapter itself and expect the whole book to go in a flashback mode or present and past mode but that doesn’t happen here. We see Holly who is now an immediate window. A window who knows that her husband is dead and is in her recouping phase. She is not just after Gerry’s death were she would have cried and cried. In fact the whole book doesn’t deal with the immediate moments after Gerry’s death. I didn’t notice that when I was reading but when I write about the book this thought is coming to my mind. Even though I don’t know how deliberate a move that is it certainly didn’t spoil the book from being over melancholic. In fact the book is not melancholic at all. There is of course sadness in the book but nothing overtly done to test our tear glands. Everyone knows how to deal with their sadness like how we joke when we know that it’s beyond us to cope up with certain tough situations.

This literally happens too once in the book when best friends Holly, Denise and Sharon go out for Denise’s Hen party and get stranded in the middle of the sea. They are such fun loving group. They are silly, humorous, candid, honest, girly and more than everything natural. I’m dying to see them on screen. Though whoever acts would bring disappointment I’m still eager to see them on screen. That’s the beauty of books we get to imagine characters which don’t resemble with anyone whom we’ve or whom we’re going to meet. In fact my mother and I were talking on the other day about how every person looks different. It’s her attempt to prove me that there was something above us all, a superpower, that we wish to call as God. I couldn’t agree with it completely but I couldn’t certainly disagree too.

Cecelia Ahern is thirty one now i.e. Holly’s age and she has written this book ten years before which means she has written the book when she was twenty one. I don’t know how she got such maturity to write a better than decent novel. She being an Irish has chosen Irish background for the book. This might be totally out of context but the Irish background provided to be the perfect fodder for the background. I don’t know how authentic the Irish background too is because I found it to be ideal. Holly quits college goes to so many jobs and hates as many jobs too. The point is she is free to quit her job anytime and that doesn’t come as a main point of discretion in the book.

My sister says that I support people who quit their job no matter what the reason is. In a millionaire show TV Anchor Gopinath said to the public that if someone is ready to quit the job they have that much confidence to survive and requested parents not to scold them for it. I couldn’t summarize it better than this. And the reason Holly quits her job is one, she is depressed and then there is no great reason. She gets up late and doesn’t like to go the job because she is not ready and no one intrudes her decision. May be Holly’s family is a fun loving family and that’s why they don’t interfere or the whole Irish culture is like this. I don’t know but I certainly loved her freedom.

When everything was going so well Holly happened to read Gerry’s last wish and at the same instant Richard had proposed her. And that was just the ending that I didn’t want to read but luckily for me Richard gets back to her bitchy girl friend Laura as Holly doesn’t respond to his calls after his proposal but Richard says that she’s living by the rules set by Gerry. Holly gets confused and she disobeys the last rule and starts living life by herself thus being assured of her future life and accepting that it’s her life and she has to live it, there is no choice.

When I checked that there was an epilogue after that I thought that part is again going to spoil the book because I liked the way the book ended but epilogue too sprang in a surprise for me. What I was expecting in epilogue was about how Holly had managed life and her happiness with a hint of sadness with family, kids etc instead Holly goes to the shop where once she had messed to see the news of she along with her girl pals on newspaper. This time too she hunts for the newspaper to see the pictures of her friend Denise’s wedding. And this time too she messes up and causes a whole lot of people to stare at her. The guy who helped her the previous time helps her this time too and the only change from the previous time is that this time she accepts, in fact asks the guy whether the coffee offer is still valid. When there was a note about wedding ring I thought it’d have disappeared as it’s a new Holly I was again in for a surprise, she says him not to mind it and goes for coffee. This scene would better be on screen. And without deviating, oh how good the book was and it was evident that only a lady could write a story about a lady in distress this good.


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