Book Review – One Night with his Wife

Posted: May 26, 2013 in Movie Reviews
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This book by Lynne Graham is one of the worstest of books I’ve ever read in my life. Don’t ask me what else do you expect out of Mills and Boons? I expected at least how female fantasy would be like. Got bored of Male fantasy and to gain some knowledge of the fairer sex I read this book. I wouldn’t have complained even if it didn’t have any story but it didn’t even satisfy by sexual urge. That’s how terrible the book was.


To start with the title was cheesy enough but given the erotic genre (or that’s what I thought the book would be) I liked the title. Right from the title everything was confusing. An estranged husband and wife have sex one night but they do every time they meet then after. So why name it as one night with his wife. It could have been named ‘of nights and affairs with his wife’. At least the title is more erotic and makes some sense.

Star, the protagonist is such a loser. The only thing that you’d do with such a girl is fuck and that’s what Luc his husband does. He fucks her bad and they get twins. Premature babies, Venus and Mars. Yeah you read it right its Venus and Mars. What kind of mom names their children as Venus and Mars? Star says her mom named them as they’d give them good luck. Am I not right in calling Star a loser?

It’s not the leads Star and Luc who are confused. It’s the writer who is confused which in turn gets us confused. There is no clarity of thought in writing. It’s like sewn pages of lost manuscript made in a hurry marry with masala fresh out of pockets. It’s just how mindless a book can get.

I still wonder why ladies and young girls read this book. If sex is what you want there are million hungry guys with hot sperms ready to burst out there and if you’re not brave enough there is Sidney Sheldon. Some claim her book to be soft porn. I heavily condemn. Even if the book is mindless entertainer and things happen in a similar fashion it still entertains. Sheldon never claimed her book to be a classic. She intended to write pulp fictions and page turners which she did and almost every one of them is page turners.

Lynne Graham has written more than 50 books it seems and the front page of the novel claims them to be best seller. If that’s true I pity mankind. I got a two novel edition of which I read this one. I definitely don’t have heart to read the second novel and I would swear my life that I would never touch a Mills and Boons novel. Ever!



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