Book Review – Brain

Posted: May 26, 2013 in Book Reviews
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My first Robin Cook novel. To start with it was as impressive as it could get. The whole medical thing makes me creepy. I don’t even get into an ICU at first place in a hospital. The whole hospital environment makes me sick. People who are sick go there to get well but if I go there I get sick rather.


The story is about a Dr. Martin Philips who gets to find out a discrepancy in the hospital. He like everyone in this book is a brilliant neuroradiologist who is on verge on inventing a machine which could read X-Rays and find out the discrepancies.

Many jargons were used and things were technical but as it’s not important to decode each and everything I didn’t mind. But the details provided the necessary fullness to the book. It was believable from layman’s point of view.

When a lady comes to check with her pregnancy her emotions were beautifully shown. Not only that, all the operation theatre scenes were greatly done and it shows the experience of Cook.

The climax of the book was totally unexpected. When i had some 20 pages left in the book I was hurrying to finish it because at that point as I couldn’t gather what the climax would be. Then came the shock of a practical climax. May be it’s an honest one but it didn’t suit the book. Being a pulp fiction I expected some masala in it. Even if it had to be a negative/practical finish it could have been more convincing.

The book which started off in a great way somehow lost its sheen in the middle. When I just got excited about a dead person photos being introduced in the porn industry the story took a u turn. I thought Cook would dig deep and tell what all happened there. Instead it became a regular cat and mouse story with Dr. Martin hiding from the whole world.

One more thing I didn’t understand is in the book Cook has described everyone as pretty. I don’t know what exactly is the reason for it.

But I don’t want to write off the book just like that. I could feel the characters dismay at that point. He was helpless and there isn’t really another way to end the book in a positive way.


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