Book Review – A Walk to Remember

Posted: May 26, 2013 in Book Reviews
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Every time I take a love story and read it I feel disappointed. Why can’t people write about love and love only. Nicholas Sparks, regarded as one of the best in business when it comes to love stories did nothing much to improve my opinion on love stories. This is the first book that I read, written by him. I had such high hopes but everything got dashed. I wanted to read ‘The Notebook’ but now I don’t know whether I’ll do.


The book had a great start starting with a 57 year old narrator. Those disclaimers, clichés were all fun. I liked the method the author used. It was like directly talking to us. The childlike innocence was good when Landon described about his family and fellas. The flashback (that’s what the whole book is about) was great till the disaster happened.

I liked the way he described the change in Jamie when he talked about her breasts. But almost all characters are prototypes. A confused guy, a not so good looking neighbor who becomes dashing all of a sudden, thanks to the angel costume. Landon finally says “you’re beautiful” from the heart. *SIGH* isn’t it obvious.

Nevertheless, even the obvious was fun. All the bible talks which Jamie makes for which Landon makes fun was really nice. The way he described the teacher and reverend too made me smile. Just when everything was going fine the eventual happened. Jamie said, “I’m dying Landon”.

I would have thrown the book at the same instant but just because it’s the first book that I bought by paying a whooping two hundred and sixty three rupees I didn’t. Another reason being I lost the book which someone gave me and I bought this book for that someone. Oh yea I’m not crazy to buy this one for two hundred and sixty three rupees.

First I thought that I was falling in love with the characters and don’t want them to die. But all this crap that people do once someone is diagnosed with cancer was just indigestible for me. Can’t imagine how Jamie would have felt.

A guy like Landon who used to chide every fellow being in the world cries once he gets ‘The Bible’ from Jamie. Landon dude please give me a break. It was acceptable to some extent when he cries after he knows that she gave her ‘The Bible’ because it’s going to be her last year. But still the book didn’t create impact. I’m someone who off late discovered that I get into the book or movie and I’m proud that I get tears at the corner of my eyes if I see or read something emotional. But with this book I hardly felt so. I wanted Jamie to die at least honorably so that others could continue with their work.

And finally the title. What an atrocious title. I thought he’d talk about all the beautiful walks that he’d taken with his love like ‘Before Sunrise’ but the walk to remember was the walk that Jamie made during their marriage. He was proud of it. I was not. I actually felt bad. I wouldn’t want my girl to walk the aisle with so many people sympathizing her sickness instead I’d lift her right through the walkway. Being a romantic i know that’d have been a better option.

Just because of the scathing review it doesn’t mean love stories are not for me. Just these type of love stories are not for me. Period.


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