A Farewell Note

Posted: August 23, 2012 in Movie Reviews

The place was dark as far as I could see but it was warm too. I don’t know whether it was because of the viscous liquid I was floating on. It was completely dark and some big tube was attached to me through which I was force fed. The torture was too much for me to take. I didn’t know what curse I was laid upon. What big mistake that I had done for which I was tortured like this. Nothing was in my hands. I could remember nothing. I was helpless. Nevertheless I had a steely resolve to somehow survive and come out of that dazed abysmal mountain that I was locked into.

I desperately tried to break free from the shackles but I was not in my control. I could hardly move my limbs or legs. Once in a while I used to try as hard as I could but finally I settle for slumber. When I was suddenly awakened by some noise I opened my eyes. The whole mountain shook. I too shook with the mountain. I was again floating in the viscous liquid. Thanks to the bubble by which I was covered without which I would have drowned in the liquid. But I wanted to come out of the bubble. Though I was safe inside the bubble there was no way by which I could be free. I have been locked like that since time immemorial.

It was that time of the day when the mountain shakes the most. I shook along with the mountain. I tried hard to get hold of something but I could not. But wait! Wow I moved my hands. I moved my hands and also beat my legs that day. It felt great. I moved it every now and then to see if it really was happening. I was overwhelmed with joy. I was so overwhelmed that I didn’t try to escape then. I was happily shaking my hands and legs.

Then it was again a usual procedure. I felt the first tremor, when the mountain shrinks it almost touches my bubble. At first I was afraid whether my bubble would break and I would fall in the liquid but as it didn’t happen for a long time I was sure that I’m not going to be harmed. The mountain was just playing tricks. The mountain shrank and expanded, for a few times, in process touched my bubble and in turn me. Now as I could move my hands and feet, out of instinct I tried to push the mountain which was surging towards me. It was the first time I felt the mountain. It was not as hard as I thought. When the mountain again and again shrank in size I desperately tried to push it with my feet. After sometime it stopped as expected.

After sometime I came to know that I couldn’t break the bubble too. I looked around the place and carefully analyzed the situation. I was locked in the bubble but the bubble was semitransparent so I could look around. The mountain had various tube like structures around it. But as it was dark I couldn’t find which is which. I tried to trace the tube by which I was force fed. My eyes hovered around the tube but after a point it got entangled in a huge mess. I couldn’t find out the path. For a while I thought if somehow I could catch hold of the tube I could escape. But I wasn’t sure what perils I had to undergo. The darkness was the main criteria. At least I was safe at that place. I wasn’t sure whether I would be safe if I go out of that place.  I was dazed and confused. I had to decide whether to be safe and remain there for the rest of my life or go out of the mountain and see what it’s like.

I don’t know why I was thinking. I was curious for no reason. Why should I go out when I don’t face any problem there where the situation was perfect for me to eat and sleep? But I didn’t like this option of eating and sleeping. I was not allowed to do things on my own. The one cursed tube continues to rule me. I was terribly angry. On one such day when I desperately wanted to get rid of the tube I tried to push it with my legs. I could barely reach it. But still I continued to push and push. Once or twice my legs hit even the surface of the mountain but as the bubble around me was not steady I could not target the tube properly.

After lashing at the tube for some time I settled and slowly aimed for the tube, raised my legs slowly to reach the tube. Just when I was about to touch the tube the mountain again began to shrink. That made me terribly angry. I hovered around the bubble and started hitting all sides of the mountain vigorously. Again and again the mountain shrank in size. That one time I was not afraid. I continued my act.

I couldn’t kick it continuously as this time the mountain began to shrink even further. I was pushed deep into the viscous liquid. Once or twice the mountain shrank deeply and tried to push in the liquid but I resisted. Yes I did the contrary to what usually I do. I always wanted to escape out of the mountain but when it started playing tricks against me the first thing I wanted to do was stay safe. I somehow felt safe inside the bubble.

At that time my energy was no match to that of mountain. After all what could a weakling like me do against nature? But I didn’t give up. I kept on kicking my legs and hands. Then came the biggest quake. The mountain shrank so much and there was so much pressure from somewhere because of which my bubble broke and I was pushed in the viscous liquid. I tried to come out of it but the pressure pushed me down even further. The tube through which I was force fed coiled around my neck. I gasped for breath while going down.

The viscous liquid spurted out through an opening which I was trying to figure out since long, through which I was going down. All I could see was white space outside that opening. I fell from the whole with the tube around my neck and the viscous liquid around my body. I fell outside, down on the white surface which was there. It was soft and I was wrapped around it by some aliens.

The shock was too much, it made me immobile. Everything was alien to me. It was the first time I saw light which was directly hitting me. The white surface was soft but I felt warm inside the mountain. Out of all these big, big creatures were the one whom I was most afraid of. They were similar to me but were wearing something around their body and it was covering their face too. They removed the tube which was coiled around my neck after some difficulty. Then they turned me upside down, removed the white soft surface and something cold touched my back and rubbed. I was afraid. I thought they were trying to kill me. When they hit me after rubbing me I got sure that I was indeed being killed. I didn’t know what to do. I came out of the shock, kicked them furiously and started to cry. Yes it was the first time I cried. Some liquid came out of my eyes. It was not viscous like the one in mountain but it was bitter. Ewww.

 After making me cry they all laughed. Such sadists they were. I was terribly angry for it was them who had tried all the while to break the mountain and get me out so that they’ll have this little pleasure of torturing me. Then they covered me by white surface again and took me to a figure whose body was warm. I felt as if I was in the mountain. I felt at home when that figure embraced me, kissed me all the while crying and did something with lips; I think it’s called smile. I too did the same. Then I heard all of hooded figures giggling so I stopped smiling.

Another alien entered the place. That alien too had white material around its body and in turn took me and embraced too. But there wasn’t any material covering the figures face. I felt as if I saw a ‘big’ me. It felt warm so I again stopped crying and settled for my slumber. I was too tired for all the heroics that I did that day to stay alive. The figure which kissed me slept after seeing all this and as soon as I saw that figure sleeping I too slept. Before closing my eyes I saw the place where I had first fallen and bid farewell to the place where I was there as long as I could remember.


Thom karuvil irunthom,
When we were in the mother’s uterus,

Kavalai indri kannmuudi kidanthom,
We were very happy, closing our eyes.

Thom tharaiyil vizhunthom,
Then, when we came down to the earth,

Vizhunthuvudan kann thookam tholainthom.
As soon as we fell, we lost our sleep.

Appothu appothu ponne thookam namm kanghalille,
The sleep we lost then is still in our eyes.

Eppothu eppothu vanthu serum vidai thonalaiye. 
We don’t know when that sleep will come again.


That’s when I lost my sleep and that’s the farewell I regret doing it.


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