The Guy Stuff – Chapter 12 (Final Chapter)

Posted: August 9, 2012 in Movie Reviews
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The drivers’ eyes and my eyes were fixed upon each other. Both our vehicles came close to each other. I could neither hear the gun shots nor the truck sound. My whole concentration was on the door. I didn’t know what was his instruction. He too was heading straight on. If we hit them at this speed they’ll surely die. At least Jeeva and I would die if not for Mega and Alex.

After doing a quick math instead of going by instinct and turning left I did a right turn. It was an emergency turn. I couldn’t avoid the jeep fully. Our front tire ran over the jeeps front left tier but somehow the truck stabilized.  The Jeep did a quick halt with screeching tires.

I turned back to see whether anything had happened to anyone. Unluckily for us they were all right. I went in full speed into the jungle. I didn’t know where I was going but I didn’t want to reduce the speed and risk our lives.

“Maen what did you just do maen?” asked Mega.

“What do you think I did? Circus? I’m trying to bloody save your @$$,” shouted I. Jeeva laughed.

“Why loser? Why the hell are you laughing for everything?”

“When you are pushed to the wall….” Started Jeeva.

“Enough of your Dravid fanaticism.”

“Hey they are again behind us,” said Jeeva after he saw head lights falling on our truck.

I turned back to see. Indeed they were. I literally stood up and put full weight on the accelerator. But poor thing how long could it bear the grunt of me. The engine choked and the truck turned off.

Thanks to the slope we were at least going with the momentum. In the state of delirium my friends hardly noticed the engine noise. The jeep was now somewhat far away because we were sliding even faster than the beginning. The slope got increased.

I pressed the brakes hard but the vehicle couldn’t be sloped. The slope was constantly leading our truck to the bottom.

“Dude press the f*****g break,” shouted Jeeva who was almost at the tip of his seat launching forward with the gravity.

“Dude I’m standing on the break,” said I. I was standing on the break. The truck was now 45 degree face front. I could hear even Mega and Alex shouting.

The truck tilted even further and went down and further speed. I had put my whole weight on the truck but still it didn’t stop.

“Hey this place looks familiar,” shouted Jeeva deeply thinking when we were this deep in misery.

“Yea you’d have come here for honeymoon with your girl in your dreams”

He ignored my comment and continues, “Is it a déjà vu?”

“What vu?”

“Oh my….”

“Whattttttttttttttttt,” I asked with truck still rolling forward in slope.

“We’re back to square. See the tunnel there. It’s the same place where the whole thriller story started,”

“Oh oh”

“But only difference we are going to die this time”

“Thank you for announcing that”

“See there is a big hole in the sewer and thanks to the rain. It’s washing everything that’s getting on it. It’ll surely wash us away and our bodies will be in drainage man”

“That’s consoling too”

“They can’t even spot our bodies”

“What difference does it make? You’re similar to the smug’s color there. Ha ha,” I had my last laugh and the truck directly fell into the sewer. I had closed my eyes and prepared to die. That’s when Jeeva pushed me outside.

I caught hold of the branch there. Jeeva jumped and caught hold of my pants. Seeing us do the monkey stuff Alex and Mega too jumped from inside. Till Mega’s jump it was okay. Once he clung on to Alex who in turn was hanging holding Jeeva’s legs my hips began to hurt so badly. Further my pant was drifting too.

The water below was running at such high speed. We could barely hear each other. That has been the highlight of the trip. We always had to shout out loud.

“Loser you’re going to strip me naked. At least I wish to die without shame,” said I to Jeeva.

“@$$ hole. I saved your @$$ and now you’re blaming me” said Jeeva.

“My foot. Why did you push me and jump on the same side. You could have jumped on the other side”

“Oh ya. I didn’t think about it”

We were in exact opposite order of handling. The heaviest guy Mega was at the bottom, the guy with good physique Alex was above him, a guy with a normal physique Jeeva was above him and the leanest of all, me was at the top holding everyone.

“Okay listen now and listen good,” said Alex. We intently heard what he said.

“If we keep on hanging like this we’ll surely rip Dreamers lower part,” before he could finish I shouted, “how dare you call me Dreamer?”

“Dreamer… Dreamer… Dreamer…” started shouting all the three.

“Okay I give up,” said I.

“Ha ha. Okay listen. I don’t want Vikram’s death to be so horrifying. So let’s swing across to the tree there,” said Alex and pointed out with his eyes to the right tree. We all turned back to see where it was.

“Once Mega catches hold of it. I’ll leave Jeeva’s hand and we both could rise up. Deshi Deshi bahsara bahsara”

Mega started to move his weight to the right and left and started swinging. First he swung then Alex then Mega then me too. Jeeva was pulling my pant even more down and in process ripping off my lower body.

“Dude I could see the cleavage,” shouted Jeeva. I thought of kicking his balls but didn’t have the energy to. And in one swift motion Mega caught hold of the tree. And at that exact time the jeep came rumbling towards us. Just as Alex left Jeeva’s leg and caught hold of Mega the jeep fell into the sewer and got washed off. Alex held Mega’s leg and clinged on to him. I felt very light after a long time.

All of us saw them being washed away along with the lorry and their jeep in the sewer all the while hanging from the tree. Our priority shifted to watching them being washed away than getting on to our feet. After we saw them getting through the hole we got up slowly. Alex pulled himself up along with Mega and helped us climb.

Once on the ground we looked at each other and saw how shabby we were. In the towering rain we slowly climbed the slope by holding trees and got on to the highway. It was pitch dark there and was pouring down heavily. Only when we got on to the road we could see the rain drops splashing the road could find the magnitude of the rain.

We sat there on the road for an hour or so until a bus came. Seeing us waiting the driver stopped the bus and we got on it. Though our dress were drenched we could hardly felt anything. We dozed off.  Only when the bus halted near the toll gate to ECR I got up and hurriedly woke the other three fellas.

“We can’t go like this to our home man. We need to get proper dress,” said I to the rest of them. They agreed and we got down.

It was early morning and sun was about to rise. We had to wait at least a good 2 to 3 hours before we could buy the dress. Thanks to our wallets. In spite of all the commotion it still was there in our pockets. After getting down at the toll gate we walked towards the beach. There was small tea shop near the beach. We bought four teas and went sat there in the beach.

“Maen I don’t drink tea man,” said Mega.

“Then do you have tequila to drink,” I mocked Mega for which everyone laughed.

“No man actually I have this one said he and held a small vodka bottle in his hand”

“What the f**k,” cried all of us in unison and I said, “from where the hell did you get this one,”

“While we were going down the slope I thought before dying let me at least taste one of the stuff for which the whole fight was for,” said Mega and made us all laugh.

“Fatso. Ummah,” I kissed him and opened the bottle. We all took a sip and finally Mega took a sip and croaked.

He kept on croaking and was trying to say something but couldn’t. Meanwhile a fisherman turned on the radio so loud from his slum near which we were sitting.

“A group of wanted thugs bodies were found in the sewer near Pondicherry by pass along with the lorry by which they were trying to steal a diamond worth two billion dollars. It is believed that the original African diamond too would have been washed away by the sewage”

After croaking out hard Mega spitted something and held his throat in relief. We went close to see what it was. We all looked at each other in shock and then let out a hearty laugh. It was the thing that we were chased for; it was the thing that was announced just now in the news. It was how it ended. THE DIAMOND.


P.S: And we set off to the paradise city… Cya…


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