The Guy Stuff – Beyond Chapter (Fatso’s Page)

Posted: August 8, 2012 in Movie Reviews
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“Yo boys and gals
its me and us
all parents fuzz
and relatives cuzz
but we always buzz
yo boys and gals…

Hey to you
hey to them
hey to everybody
hey to the one
hey Vikram
its M-E-G-A Mega for em”

Hey hey hey…. How are you fellas out there. Sorry for coming before climax and spoiling your story reading experience. Hey maen Vikram. Hope youis doing good. You know maen ‘m not much into writing but what to do G Waugh compelled me into writing this stuff about your guy stuff so I got to write somepin’. Don’t mind maenlemme directly do the talkin’ to ‘em.

Here we go… It was during 9th standard. You remember maen? That you gave me lift in your scooty. Okay this guy might not be remembering. Here is the story of how we both became thickest of friends.

We regularly play cricket after school hours. It’s the only place where dreamer doesn’t dream. All the respect he got was because he was a brilliant cricket player. Nowadays he never talks about cricket. He doesn’t like the advent of T20. He thinks it has spoilt the game. Pretty old fashioned fella you see. He quit cricket for his studies and he thinks it’s the worst mistake he has ever done in his life. If you had read the Summer Camp you would have known his childhood story. Just that the climax is different. I don’t want to reveal more and hurt him because he gave me lift that day.

As I was saying, we play cricket every evening after our school hours. I usually go to the ground directly from school. Rest all go tohis home. Yes, the whole gang goes to their house to take stumps. Not only that. During cricket match almost the whole class used to stay at their home to watch matches. It was terrific. Oh I’m again losing the plot. Maen how do you keep the flow maen. My mind goes wary again and again.Duh!

What was I talking? Yea when every one of us was there at his home four or five people had scooty, kinetic Honda etc. Rest all had cycles. I didn’t have any. When people got on the bike as pillion nobody allowed me to get on their bike saying that their bike will get punctured. All laughed. And as usual I too laughed along with them and prepared to walk. That too I wasn’t this heavy at that time. I was 50Kgs less. While I was about to walk this guy came to me and said, “get on.” I was skeptical because I wasn’t sure whether a scooty could carry me so I said, “Is ‘kay dude.” He replied, “See ‘m not doing it to gain your confidence or anything. I don’t want us to waste time for you in the ground.” I smiled and got on to his scooty.

I genuinely knew that he didn’t want me to feel bad. This guy is caring especially when it comes to his friends but doesn’t tell it publicly. What else Maen? I don’t have much to say. You are the writer dude.

And ya as I say this I remember. He he. Call him writer dude and see his reaction. 😀 Epic 😀


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