The Guy Stuff – Chapter 11

Posted: August 7, 2012 in Movie Reviews
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We fell in the exact same place where our lorry was. We lost the men but we hurriedly got into the truck. Alex who had a gun in this hand said, “Vikram take the truck and go in the way we came. Try to get to Mega. I’ll go to the hole from where we dropped and as soon as I hear the sound of the truck I’ll shoot with my pistol and distract that weak fellow. You grab Mega and come back immediately. Is it clear?”

It was crystal clear indeed. Jeeva and I nodded. “But what if they come here and find you out?” I asked Alex.

“No they don’t know the way. Otherwise they would have found out the lorry without our help itself. Even if in case they find out I have pistol. I’ll try to manage. It’s now or never isn’t it?” winked Alex

“You’re THE MAN, man,” said I and hugged Alex.

“But…” Jeeva was apprehensive. Rightly so.

“It’s okay dude don’t worry about me. Save Mega. We all will get out of paradise city in style,” Alex comforted Jeeva.

“It’s not that we don’t want you to become hero. Give me the gun I’ll hold the fort,” said Jeeva.

“It’s okay you’re the real hero man,” said Alex for which I couldn’t help but laugh.

“Why are you laughing @$$ hole?” asked Jeeva. Alex and I, we both spurted out laughing.

“Guys our life is at stake and you both are laughing. God! Thanks for giving me friends like these idiots,” I don’t know in what way Jeeva said that but I thanked god, for the first time, for the friends he has given to me.

“Ha ha. Okay Vikram, Jeeva all the best. Meet you at the other end,” said Alex and ran off into the tunnel.

I got behind the wheel and asked Jeeva to stay behind so that he could lift Mega easily. Well, even if not easily he could try at least to lift him.

I started the vehicle and observed that our head lights were broken but good for us the vehicle started so I hit the pedal and took the truck up from the canal. It required a lot of effort.

We sped through the forest. I wholly utilized my driving skills and drove the truck so rashly that it hit many branches on the way. The glass too broke and it was still raining so the cold wind along with rain drops were flashing on my face. I found it hard to drive but we were desperate to get out because we were the ones who are supposed to save the rest of the guys out there.

While we were about to get to the road we saw these people Mani and Co slowly getting up. They seemed to be hurt but as soon as they saw the lorry they got on the jeep and started chasing us.

“Dude they’re coming. Go fast” shouted Jeeva from behind.

“What do you think I’m driving.Concorde? It’s a bloody broken up lorry. I’ve put my whole weight on the accelerator and it’s still going like a snail,” I must say I was driving at 120 Kmph but at that juncture it was snails speed.

One we got on the road we sped even faster. The only proper thing in the truck, the side view mirror broke. I thought some twigs had fallen on it and it broke but only afraid Jeeva shouted I came to know the real reason, “F**k they are shooting man.”

I hit the pedal and drove even faster. I didn’t want to keep the truck in line as they could aim easily so kept moving the truck in and around. After that one shot they stopped shooting but they were closing in so fastly.

“Dude that leader guy is hitting the head on Chinaman for shooting. I guess they won’t shoot. Go fast?”

We couldn’t believe our luck so we went fast. The muddy road through which we came was to the left of us. I took a 90 degree turn in full speed. Jeeva, who was standing in behind fell down inside the truck by the force.

“Are you alright?” I asked.

“My @$$,” said he and confirmed that he was alright.

I managed the vehicle from tumbling. All the bottles which were there at the back got shaken and stirred due the sudden turn. As soon as I turned I headed straight to the gate. They couldn’t turn as fast as I did. As it’s said a deer will always run faster than lion as deer is running for its life and lion for its prey. It was the same with us.

In a matter of seconds I went straight through the gate and went through the half broken door of the bungalow. As per the plan as soon as we dashed the door. Alex shot to the opposite side. Without knowing what was happening the short fellow looked here and there. Mega meanwhile was so tired. He was sleeping or was fainting in kneels down position.

I went towards the short fellow. He jumped out of the path to save his life. Otherwise I would have directly run him over. Jeeva bent low from behind and gave a hand to lift Mega. Mega opened his eyes after the gun shot and screeching of our tires.

Jeeva’s and Mega’s hand clasped each other and I slowed down slightly but still the vehicle was in motion. I couldn’t stop and take risk. In one swift motion Jeeva tried to lift Mega but the opposite happened and Jeeva fell down. I heard the thud and put my head through the window to see what happened and disaster had happened.

“Loser” I cursed him under my breath.

I tuned the lorry like a car. Did a full doughnut. Alex who was above jumped a good 20 feet right on the truck which was covered by dark military green cloth. His landing wasn’t as smooth as expected but he somehow managed and got into the truck. After taking a U-turn there I shoved open the other door to my left so that one among Jeeva or Mega could cling to it. I drove fast but by then they both were ready to jump into the truck. This time as Mega was more prepared Alex lifted him in one smooth motion. Jeeva made a mess out of the situation but somehow manage to cling on to the door.

The short fellow who had come out of the shock by then got up and suddenly started to shoot with his AK-47. Okay I don’t know whether it’s an AK-47 but it kept on firing rounds continuously so I guessed it was AK-47. For laymen like us any machine gun is AK-47.

“F**k maen this guy is shooting at us,” shouted Mega.

“Oh wow what a discovery,” remarked Jeeva sarcastically. And in the process made me laugh.

Jeeva replied, “Fatso after thriller now it’s an action film. Enjoy. Wohoo!”

I asked Jeeva, “What happened to you all of a sudden? Even your jokes seem to be funny.”

“There is no point in fearing now. Things can’t get worse. We’re in a stolen truck chased by thugs. Here is one idiot shooting at us,” he ducked when a bullet passed through him.

I sped straight through. When I saw the gate I could see a jeep hurrying towards us.  It was very close to gate. I hate to decide whether to apply brake or not. If I apply brake surely we’ll be caught and as they have the truck they’d kill us for sure. Evading them too didn’t seem to be an option. The gate had enough gap for only one lorry to go. With the jeep coming fast towards us I didn’t have an option. I went head on.

“Guys hold your breath,” I shouted.

The Stuff Ends tomorrow…


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