The Guy Stuff – Chapter 10

Posted: August 7, 2012 in Movie Reviews
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“God! That’s why I said we should have brought at least the cell phone. Now see we are doomed,” lamented Jeeva.

“You first shut up cry baby,” said I.

“It’s all because of you. You were the one who planned these entire thing and all these guys just nod whatever you say. If anyone would have listened to me would all this have happened?”

“Jeeva what has happened has happened. Let’s think what to do?” said Alex

“You again. Why didn’t you tell the lorry location? We could have left by now” asked Jeeva.

“As if they’d have left us. Didn’t you hear them? As soon as they get the lorry they’ll finish us. We have only time only till they get hold of the lorry. So we have to think. Think quick.”

“We’re doomed.”

“You shut up and don’t be pessimistic. Allow us to think at least,” I shouted back to Jeeva which made him keep quiet finally.

“Maen we coulda at least had a drink if its that’s rare a stuff in the lorry,” said Mega which made us all give a nervous smile.

“Now it has become a true thriller story. Hah.” Said I in despair.

All I remember was we were thinking. But when I opened up my eyes we saw all of us cuddling to Mega and sleeping. It was so darn cold there. I couldn’t move my limbs. Added to that our dress were wet so it all had got frozen. I could see ice crystals around my friends pace and sensed that even my face would be like that. I somehow tried very hard and woke them up.

“I feel like my blood has thickened. I could feel pain in my heart,” said Jeeva.

“At least you could feel that I couldn’t feel a thing,” said Alex.

Suddenly one of the thugs opened the door with a force and same dim yellow light flashed inside the room. One by one they lifted us and threw us out. They couldn’t lift Mega and he was too tired to get up on his own so they rolled him and brought him to the place.

“Get on your knees,” said Mani.

We tried so hard but couldn’t. It was still dark or rather it had become dark yet again. Yes we had slept the whole day. Then one of the thugs shoved us from behind which made us kneel. Being an engineer until and unless someone fires up my @$$ I couldn’t move. With so much effort we got up but due to tiredness our head strung low.

“Look at me you morons. Where is the truck? We searched everywhere but couldn’t find,” said Mani.

“Sir seriously we don’t know sir only the police must know,” said Alex.

Someone hit him at the back of the head, “Which police you’re talking about you bunch of losers?” asked the policeman whom we had encountered before. So he too knows.

“Isn’t he dead yet?”  asked Alex.

“Dues ex machina,” I whispered.

“Who’s he?” asked Jeeva.

“Maen who’s this new guy maen?” asked Mega.

Unfortunately among four of us Jeeva has a rough and loud voice so the policeman heard him, “Are you asking who am i?”

Jeeva blinked.

“Sir yes sir. Sir no sir,” the policeman imitated Jeeva’s military accent which he used before.Jeeva still looked at him startled. Mega too was looking at him with his mouth wide open.

The policeman continued, “Don’t you know me? Hmmm? Don’t you know me?” he started shouting furiously and came very close to Jeeva.  Jeeva closed his eyes pulled his head back saying, “yes sir, yes sir I remember.”

“That’s better,” he said and turned back to Mani.

It didn’t take much of a guess to know that the policeman too was part of their gang.

“So you guys lied to us,” said Mani and continued pacing around us. We could hear his footsteps clearly. We were sure that he was up to something.

Suddenly he fired a shot which made us all shriek. It was just in betweenMega’s legs. He got terrified and his eyes were bulgy seeing the smoke from the barrel. The thugs were unmoved. It was visible that they were a tough lot. Even the guy whom we thought is a weakling – who took the liquors from the store – was stone faced.

Seeing him terrified. He pointed the guy directly behind the head of Mega. Alex interrupted, “Sir we’re extremely sorry. Please forgive us we’ll show you where the lorry is. We know where we left.”

“Hmm you’ve saved me a bullet. But I don’t believe you anymore. Hey chotu keep this motu here as back up. If he moves shoot him,” said Mani. “You too…” he said and signaled to another person.

“Rest of you come with us,” said he and we three left with Mani, Gopal, Policeman and the Chinaman. We were loaded in a big jeep with camouflaged with the darkness outside. We quietly were sitting in the jeep.

The forest on the entrance side was thick than where we left the lorry. Alex was sitting in the front to give away directions with the Gopal driving and Mani to the other side of him. As there was two twoseaters in opposite direction behind, we were sitting first from the front seat. Me behind the driver and Jeeva behind Mani. To my left was the policeman and the Chinaman was sitting to the right of Jeeva. And all our hands were tied with hand cuff.

Without turning the head Mani talked to the policeman, “it’s all because of these losers. Otherwise we could have sent the consignment by now and things would have been smooth.” Damn! When will he stop calling us losers?

“It’s okay Mani sir. What’s life without a little thrill,” Hey wait it’s my dialogue.

We went to the place where the policeman caught us. He said, “seeing our company logo I thought you were there and I casually stopped the vehicle but only after I saw these guys I came to know something has happened. But before I could call you these idiots directly came to your place.”

“Ha ha,” Mani gave a laugh making us look like dumb @$$esand turned to Alex, “Now where to go?”

Alex pointed towards the forest. “What?In there?” asked Mani. “Yes sir,” said Alex.

“You’re not playing games. Are you?” asked Mani. Alex replied in negative.

When the jeep took a left to get into the forest it jerked. Alex used the moment to get hold of Mani’s gun and pointed directly at his crotch.

“If anyone moves I’ll blow the balls out of your master,” said Alex. To support him I used my cuff to strangle the driver and keep him in check. But to our disaster a wild buffalo came in the middle so he applied sudden brake which made me to pull him behind by his neck. He lost control of the steering wheel and turned it to the right in instinct.

Alex fired a shot in air which made the whole pack of buffaloes go wild. The driver as he made a sudden movement hit a buffalo and fell into the slope. We all rolled down the slope. Alex, Jeeva and I jumped immediately from the Jeep but those guys being heavy couldn’t jump as soon as us.

The Stuff Continues…


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