The Guy Stuff – Chapter 9

Posted: August 3, 2012 in Movie Reviews
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Before I could react the lorry went into a big slope. We all were dragged to the bottom. The heavy impact made Mega and Jeeva get back to their senses.

“Where am I?” asked Jeeva.

“Hmmm. Las Vegas. Where do you think we are. We’re deep down in a stinking trench.” Said I.

“Maen!” Mega cried in anguish.

“Shhh!” said Alex getting to his feet. Though our lorry was damaged it was still on its wheels. It was pitch black there and our lorry was right in the middle of something like an empty sewage drainer.

Alex who was keenly listening asked me, “Can you hear that?”

“I could hear only you,” I replied honestly.

“Let’s get in there and check out what it is,” said Alex pointing out to the cave like structure near our lorry.

I was apprehensive, “are you sure?”

“And you call me loser,” mocked Jeeva.

“Okay @$$ hole lets go,” I said though I was a bit skeptical.

We ventured into the cave slowly. We didn’t have cell phone so we didn’t have least bit of light. The area where our lorry fell seemed to be a place where the hood of the sewage drainer was broken. Because to either side of it there was a cave like structure. As we went inside I was able to hear a slight voice.

It was still dark. Thanks to the rain. It was muddy, cloggy and we had no hope of having sunlight. Alex walked first followed by me, Jeeva and Mega. We could see a misshaped hole about 2 meters in diameter. We went near it and the voice was now crystal clear.

We all took a side from which we were comfortable to see and peeped into it. There was a huge place behind the tunnel that we were in. Looked like some old godown. There was a guy with dark green shirt and cargo pant who was shouting at the top of his voice.

“Do you know the value of it?” he shouted.

There was no reply from the other end. I couldn’t see them. Our heads dashed each other to get a clear glimpse of other persons.

“You idiots. By Monday morning I’ve to give them the stuff otherwise I won’t get money. Don’t you know its value? Idiot go get the lorry” said he.

“Lorry?” we all looked at each other. When I tried to look deep inside suddenly a flock of bats came. Mega screeched and fell on me. My head alone got stuck in the hole.

“What the hell?” said the leader and continued “Who is he? Shoot him”

“Shoot? Sir wait sir. I can explain,” Before I could say anything one among them fired a shot in my direction.

Thank god his shot wasn’t accurate. But his shot made a crack in the wall. Thanks to Mega’s weight the wall broke and we all fell down in a thump.That’s when we saw the remaining three members. Their lorry is the one we stole.

The white shirt guy who was talking over the phone their came immediately and took me by hair. “B@$t@rd. How dare you?” I writhed in pain.

“Sir. Sir I can explain,” said I but by then I was rounded up by a group of thugs. Including the two men who were loading liquor bottles out there.

“Gopal what’s happening here. Who are they?” the leader asked the white shirt man.

“Oh they are the culprits,” said him and slapped each one of us very hard.

“Tell me whose gang you are? Mani’s gang? Saets gang? Or Milans gang?” he asked inserting the gun deep inside which touched my throat.

“aaaahaaahaaah,” I tried to talk.


“Sir gun,” said Gopal.

“Oh,” he took out the gun from my mouth and asked, “Who are you guys?”

“Sir we don’t belong to any gang. We don’t know what you are talking about. Please sir believe us.”

“You rats. Don’t you guys have guts even to reveal your gang? Rats! Tell me what gang you are otherwise I’ll shoot him” he now placed the gun in Alex’s mouth who kneeled down their bravely.

“We’re from I.T. gang sir,” said Jeeva.

“What’s that?”

“We’re working people sir. We don’t know a thing,” I said.

“Oh losers,” he said. So even he knows.

“Yes Sir,” Jeeva was the first person to oblige. Rightly so.

“Then why did you steal the truck? You morons?” he asked us again.

“To have a drink sir,” I said.

“To have a drink?” he turned to the other people around him and said again, “to have a drink. Did you hear that? These guys stole the truck to have a drink” and started laughing. The whole gang started to laugh. We didn’t find it funny, seriously but without knowing what to do we too started to laugh.

He fired a shot upstairs and which broke some parts of tunnel. Some of the cement slabs fell on his head. Even in that serious situation it made Mega laugh.

“What is making you laugh hum? You fatso.”

“Sorry sir.”

“Where is the lorry. You tell or otherwise I’ll shoot every one of you down. I’ll start with this fat @ss first,” said he and kept the revolver in his mouth. Mega farted.

“Chi! Throw this fatso out. Making the whole place dingy.”

When they came to lift Mega Alex said, “Sir we took the truck its true but while we were going through the highway a police caught us and got hold of the truck. Then we entered into the forest and lost our way.” We looked at him with mouths open

“Hmm hmmm,” he kept thinking.

“If what you said is not true?” asked the leader.

“I swear on my friends’ sir,” Alex said.

“Is it?” asked the leader for which we all nodded our heads.

“Gopal. Put them in that room. If I don’t get the truck then we’ll see what to do,” said he and started to dial a number.

The guards their asked us to get on our feet and started hitting us in head with the back of their rifles. Meanwhile the leader called someone, “Sir Mani speaking sir. No problem we got hold of the guys. As soon as we get the lorry we can finish them.”

“Finish them,” I gasped. They threw all of us in a room with metal surface all around.

“Maen they’ve given us A.C. room maen. Not bad,” said Mega.

“F***a this is freezer room. We’ll freeze to death if we stay here for a while,” said I.

The Stuff Continues…


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