The Guy Stuff – Beyond Chapter (Gay Fellow’s Page)

Posted: August 2, 2012 in Movie Reviews
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Huh, I can’t believe that you made a good story even out of the deep s**t that we were in, but I must say that you have made a great use of your narrative license. You have successfully concealed a few facts and others you’ve manipulated to your favour- you’ve got what it takes to be a writer.

I must appreciate your vividly description of Fatso, Looser and myself. Hey dreamer (the author forgot to mention that the others in the gang called him a dreamer- reasons given at a later stage) but do you realise that you have missed out something? Man how would the people there come to know about your six pack abs, blue sparkling eyes, angular face and those bulky muscles if you were not to tell them? Shall I take the honours dude? But then your description of Mega and Jeeva seemed so perfect, like you had pasted a picture of them. What you say guys?? And for all those who wonder why the “author” gave me a good description, it’s all for the respect he has got for my muscles.

Man I did flunk at my exams. But I did clear a few papers in my one year at college, though they were few, they did exist. Alas all the blah blah that I’ve heard from you over the years that our education system has nothing to do with brains, now its ma turn to remind you that. At least my brains are fresh and were not screwed up at college. I left back the studies for ma passion unlike few other crying babies that crawled out of college- No offence dude, I dint mean you, was just a statement in general.

Dude, what do you say when people ask want you work as? Is it Debugger? Or is it Bugger? As fas as am concerned am NO gym boy or gym master.Its ‘F-I-T-N-E-S-S’ ‘T-R-A-I-N-E-R’. Get it? It’s so funny when you say that I became a gay. It’s like all of a sudden one day I woke up and found myself turned into a gay. Dude I am a gay, it’s what I am. Nobody made me nor did I become so. Its what I have been and what I’ll be. How is it with you, did someone make you straight or one fine day you woke up and found that you were made straight.

Now I hope it’s time we tell the people out there about the “dreamer” part? I am not sure if this is gonnaappear or if the author is gonna take the editor’s role to trim this out. Dude what happened at Mega’s place. That black dress girl giving you inviting looks, we were at such a distance from her and I could barely see a face in that dark at that far, and you went on to see inviting looks. I guess that’s enough for people to know why you’re popularly known as the dreamer. Dude, now don’t be pissed off, at least be happy that I dint mention that the girl was high on dope and just fell on the floor where she stood and you were the one to run up to her to lend a helping hand to her back. I must mention that you narrated it so well that for a moment you had me wondering if what you had written was what had really happened .

So that’s enough I guess, done with my part of the revelations, waiting to see what Fatso has got to say. By the way it was one hell of an adventure, though could have been better without the mess we made out of it. Got a good news for you guys; my guy has moved out of the relationship, seems he is not able to convince his parents. So we have a break up party to plan. And meanwhile Vikram, what’s your brother up to, it’s been a while since the two of us have met. Bring him along for this break up party dude.

And hey special ‘hi’ to a girl who’s name starts and ends with ‘A’. Jeeva told me that some girl whose name starts with ‘A’ and ends with ‘A’ had pinged him and said that she is eager to know my part of revelation. So here I am.

One more thing. Girls beware. Be very aware of this guy. Don’t ping him and say that the story is good or blah blah. He’ll start chatting with you and mind it he’ll be so good that you won’t feel like saying ‘bye’ and going back to work. Now Vikram are you happy?


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