The Guy Stuff- Chapter 4

Posted: July 28, 2012 in Movie Reviews
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As soon as we saw a ‘Pondicherry welcomes you’ board above us we took a sharp left turn. The tires on the left side of the car almost disappeared owing to the pressure.

“Dude where are you going?” Alex cried out from behind because with the speed I was driving and rock songs blasting we could hardly hear each other.

“Wait and see…” said I and drove for another five minutes. There seemed to be no road and no lights. I was driving in no man’s land, at least that’s what they thought but no one complained.

After some time everyone saw a big cave like opening through which I took them. I drove in full speed inside the cave which wasn’t lighted in any way. It was artificial but looked as real as it could. I switched off even our cars head light and shouted, “woohoo” followed by a collective shriek by everyone. I drove for some more time and only when they saw Vegas like lighting they gasped for breath.

“What the f**k is this man?” said Jeeva who was the only one who could open his mouth and talk. Others were left to wonder.

There was a ramp like area through which I had to go through for parking. I drove straight into it drifted and went to the top floor in Tokyo Drift fashion. Left the car there and came down to ‘The Den’ the unknown official club for doing everything a man would want to do.

As soon as we entered the den we saw a couple making out. Jeeva kept on staring at them. I had to hit him in shoulders and drag him inside. The place was dark, there was loud music and resembled den in every way.

“Maen one hellova place maen,” said Mega after comparing this place with his.

We settled for a corner table which was darkest of all. Waiter came us and stood near us to take our order.

I said, “Coke”

“Pepsi Sir,” he replied.

“With Vodka,” said I.

“Bacardi,” said Mega.

“I’ll never walk alone. Bring me Walker. Johnie Walker,” said Alex. Waiter smiled for his comment. I sincerely hoped that he was in no mood to woo the waiter.

“VAT 69,” said Jeeva.

“Seems Jeeva is in some mood,” said I and chuckled.

“Before that bring us all shots,” said I. We finished our shots and slowly started with our booze. With each sip I began to feel the weightlessness. This always happens with booze. The initial few minutes. It’s like talking with a new found girl whom you haven’t yet wooed. The tension, the panic, the heartbeats.Wah!Pleasure.

Vodka burned my lungs during first few sips. Still I loved that sensation. It didn’t pretend to be someone else. It didn’t pretend to pleasurize me. It was honest. It was loyal and above all took me off my hook. My life.

Then we all ordered a mixed colored cocktail. Mega enquired about the ingredients and said, “Maen they are mixing white and black liquor maen. We’ll have bad bad headache ‘morrow.”

“To hell with your headache.Bring it on,” said Jeeva. The first one to get on high. VAT 69 was taking effect on him.

As the waiter came with the cocktail Jeeva ordered him, “Bring me biryani”

“yo’ don get no biryani here maen,” said Mega. I didn’t interfere.

“I need biryani but,” asked Jeeva and took the waiter by collar. Alex and I enjoyed the show along with Alex.

“So this is how it starts,” said I and started clapping and whistling.

Alex I thought went to spoil the fun by walking in between them but it was not to stop the quarrel it was to bring another round of drinks from the stand.

There was a girl in LBD in the counter. She was impressed with Alexs’ physique. She kept on looking at him. She came very close to him and gave him seductive looks but Alex hardly seemed to mind.

“Black dress is always hot maen,” said Mega looking at the same girl in LBD.

“All fair girls look great in red dress,” said Jeeva finding time in the middle of fist fight.

“Well, I prefer without any dress at all,” said I.

“Ha hamaen! That’s true but,” said Mega.

“Will you buy me a drink,” was what she said. I could read her lips. Alex still didn’t mind.

“Wrong choice lady,” said I. Mega inquired what it is. I asked him to look at Alex.

She kept a hand on his shoulders and again said, “Didn’t you hear me hulk.”

“F**k off you b***h,” said he and shoved her away.

Here Jeeva and waiters brawl had started to become big. Jeeva was holding the waiters collar. The waiter who couldn’t control the temper called for the bouncers.

There that lady started making a scene by crying and bouncers ran off there. Alex was being manhandled so Mega rushed to him.

I saw the name badge of the server. His name was written as Soori. In a fit of rage I hit him as soon as I saw the name. Bouncers came to me and started to pull me out of the place. We had a huge commotion and we were given free lift to the door by the bouncers.

They took money from one of our wallets and threw the car key to us. We just had little bruise though we expected a lot more.

Jeeva took the car and came in reverse in the ramp in as much speed as he could. We ran our car hither and thither in the road and finally found a place to crash in. Some cheap hotel where we thought would have no problem in lodging.

As we parked or rather left the car and entered the lodge there was a man in early thirties. It was night 2’o clock so he was dozing off. Alex woke him up.

“We need a room,” said Alex.

“Only one room?” asked him.

“Then how many room do you want us to take?” I asked him.

“Okay 1000 rupees,” said him.

I took a thousand rupees and threw it to him. He asked us, “only boys?”

“Yes, no girls in this script,” said I and walked to our room.

“Room number 8,” he said.

“8 is our lucky number dude,” said Jeeva who was tipsy and it was only Mega who was holding him.

On our way we could hear a few moaning, saw a lady who wore a skimpy sari and many more. The door opened without us inserting the key.

“Hah automatic door,” said Alex.

We crashed in the room which was shabby but had four single cots with bed at sides. When everyone went to sleep choosing their bed I spoke. “Show isn’t over guys,” said I and took two packets from my pocket.

The stuff continues…


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