The Guy Stuff – Chapter 3

Posted: July 24, 2012 in Movie Reviews
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To make the weekend even crazy I decided to leave the cell phone at home. I didn’t want any disturbance. The hectic week before the weekend was good in a way so that I could completely unleash the devil in me. I didn’t charge the phone and didn’t call my manager and my friends. I took our car and went to office at night 9. I Knew Jeeva would be working because he had on site call from 7.30 to 8.30.

Okay i have to explain that ‘our’ car thing. We being a set of unique people what we do is we have a common bank account called as f4. You can call is fantastic four, famous four or whatever but we named it keeping 4 f*****s in our mind. What we do is we put an amount of monthly salary in there. Anyone can put any amount they want and anyone can take any amount they want. None will be questioned. Though this concept was invented by me it became a success because the rest three too appreciated its importance.

It’s not like what you think. We spend all the money we have and put the remaining money in here as a last option. In fact it’s the opposite. For us filling this bank account with money is freedom. Mega stopped eating breakfast completely; I stopped smoking a pack less of cigarettes to raise money other than the regular 20 to 30 percent of the monthly salary which we put in. And in one year we bought a brand new car. And that’s our ‘our car’ concept. I’d highly recommend this to you folks to but you all must have friends who are as loyal as my friends are.

Jeeva’s building being the farthest from mine I sneaked through without my manager knowing about my presence. When I went to his place, he was there sitting with both hands on his head. The onsite lady was scolding him so badly. Though it was tough to understand from the tone it could be said that she was scolding.

I asked him by gesture. “What are you still doing?” I whispered.

He signaled me by using his hand and drawing an imaginary arc over his neck saying that she’s killing him.

I went, cut the call and looked at him, “over.”

“What the f**k you did man? She’sgonna fire my @ss now. Get lost.” Jeeva hardly uses profanity when he’s stable. Only after getting drunk those words come from mouth. I could see how stressed he was when he used those words.

“Cut the crap dude. Let’s run off. Today is Friday evening. Did you forget?” I asked Jeeva.

“I didn’t forget anything. I called you like a million times. Your phone was switched off”

“Ya that’s a conscientious decision. Come let’s go.”

“What if she calls me?”

“That’s what. Switch off your cell phone and keep it here. We need no disturbance this weekend.”

“Man…” he hesitated.

“Dude believe me” said I and we jumped off in the car. It took us almost one hour to reach Adyar.

The next stop was Maverick Gym, Adyar. We went there at 10.15. As people there know us they allowed us inside the gym even after the closing time which is 10. As it was Friday all equipment’s seemed to have been used. Alex was cleaning the dumb bells and keeping it in the racks. He was in his sleeveless shirt which showed his bulging muscles and the track pants.

Seeing us he came and gave us a huge hug. Jeeva started helping him with weights. I sat there in bench press and changed songs in music system. I saw them working. I saw Alex. He seemed to be normal from top to bottom. I didn’t find any difference. Yet I didn’t know how this guy became a gay? Gay, can you imagine. Okay whatever I don’t want to judge him.

At 10.30 we left the place and started to Nungambakkam. Actually my house was situated near Thiruvanmiyur. It’d have been easy if we all had met near Thiruvanmiyur but I didn’t want to go in an organized way so just hit the road.

I drove and Alex sat next to me. He tried to insert his phone with the music system cable hanging there.

“Dude what the f**k?”


“You have your phone?”

“Ya I have my phone”

Jeeva interrupted in the middle, “He doesn’t want us to bring mobile phones to the trip. He wants no disturbance.” Jeeva said to Alex.

“But man I’ve to call my guy.”

“Don’t talk crap. I don’t want anyone with cellphone there.” I shouted.

Being a bulky guy he’d have easily smashed me but he doesn’t. He obeyed my words. In 20 minutes we reached Nungambakkam.

We got inside Mediterranean Midnight. As it was close time almost everyone were on dance floor. Mega was right in the middle with big green oversized sleeveless vest with number 9 written over it which he had worn over a white t-shirt. He had a big chain with a diamond studded ‘M’ dollar handing over it and a big ‘M’ ring which covered whole of his right hand.

He was blabbering some rubbish in the name of rap.

“Yo boys and gals
its me and us
all parents fuzz
and relatives cuzz
but we always buzz
yo boys and gals…”

“What bull s**t is he singing?” I asked Jeeva who was looking at the girls as if he had never seen any girl before. Loser.

I asked the same question again to Alex who was laughing hearing what Mega was singing. He replied, “Even I’m trying to decode it?”

“Please don’t talk about code man. I’m already on verge of killing my manager. Please don’t remind me of work”

“Ha ha okay man” said Alex.

All were giving a weird look at Jeeva who was in his formals as he didn’t go home on Thursday night. Girls were looking at Alex who wasn’t wearing anything special but his short tee showed of ample muscle.

On seeing us Mega waved his hand. Some from the crowd turned to look us. One girl with curly hair with neck less black dress turned towards me and gave me that inviting look. His boyfriend was too drunk. Idiot.  I could have got her then and there but resisted the temptation and looked away.

The party got over at 11.30. That black dress girl again came near me, pretended to trip and fell on me. I used the situation and grabbed her from behind but took my hand immediately saying, “Sorry girl not this week.”

She was disappointed and went with her boyfriend. Mega after handing over the mike and closing the disc came to us.

“Whoa maen. Finally,” said Mega.

Before I could reply Jeeva spoke, “You’re a lucky guy man. So many chicks…”

“Ha ha. Part ‘n parcel of the job maen” replied Mega.

“Okay fatso shall we leave?” asked Alex.

“Maen ‘m ready maen,” said Mega.

“Okay keep your cell phone somewhere and come. I don’t want any disturbance. Keep Alexs’ too”

“Maen you mean yo’ don wan’ no disturbance,” asked Mega.

“Ya yes.That in English.”

“’kaymaen I’ll see if any drinks is left. We’ll have ‘em to kick start the party.”

Jeeva and Alex got excited. If one thing that we’d give even life for that’s drinks. But I said, “No I’ll show another world tonight”

“So you have surprise,” said Jeeva.

“You’ll see,” said I and we started of sharp at night twelve. Nungambakkam to Thiruvanmiyur took just 20 minutes. Once the mood is set none of my friends protest so it was one of the rashest drives that I did that day.

We were at the start of Thiruvanmiyur. At the tip of ECR road.

“So how long do you think it’ll take us to reach Pondy?”

“Two hours may be?” said Jeeva.

“Loser come out of office mode. Others do you wanna guess.”

“Maen one n a half hour mean,” said Mega.

“Not even close”

“The mood you’re in today we can’t even guess,” said Alex.

“Ha ha. We’ll be there in an hour. Just sit back and enjoy the drive”

“One hour. Maen it’s going to be hell,” said Mega.

“We are going to have a hell of a night. Aren’t we?” I said for which everyone gave a war cry, “yeah…”

“Before that here’s something special from me to kick start the night,” I took four Cuban cigars which I had specially bought for the occasion and gave it to them. Each one took one.

“Maen it’s larger than my sweet lil brother out here maen,” said Mega pointing to his crotch and made us all laugh.

“This is f*****g amazing, where did you get these?” asked Jeeva clearly in jubilant mood as he used the f-word. But no one asked me how much I had to spend. That’s my friends for you and I liked it that way.

“All those are trivial fellas. Let’s ignite the passion,” said I chewing one end of my cigar with others biting their bit. All our cigars kissed each other. Jeeva and I sitting in front turned back with cigar in mouth and Alex and Mega adjusted themselves and came to the front with cigars. All our cigars kissed each other. I ignited them in one go with my cigarette lighter. We all got back to our position and took a huge puff and emitted more smoke than the exhaust which circled in and outside the car.

With music system in full volume, smoke encircling the car, Paradise City blasting the roof of car we took off to our Paradise city. Pondy.Vroommmmm….

Take me down to the paradise city
Where the grass is green and the girls are pretty
Take me home…


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