After Sunset – Chapter 2/3

Posted: May 13, 2012 in Movie Reviews
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Me:Then if given an option between money and fame what’d you choose?

She:Of course money. With lots of money and with no one to know you, you can do whatever you want.

Me:For me its fame. Period. I’m this sucker who wants to be famous. Just think of these stars SRK, Rajnikanth and all. Wherever they go they’ll be followed. People will just throng to get a look of them. If they die people will cry as if their own friends or relatives have died. What a great feel it is.

She:Huh! You’ll lose your privacy.

Me:I don’t give a damn about privacy. I just want to be famous.

She:Ok ok become a star then. Ha ha.

Me:You don’t believe I can right, ok.

She:Ha ha.

Me: And you do have this perfect alignment of teeth. A compliment that you won’t get from anyone.

She: Stop it okay. People have said this to me.

Me: Oh oh I thought only I’ve noticed. The world is full of morons you see.

She: My uncle has said this to me.

Me: Oops sorry.

She: Hey look there.

Me: Where?

She: Through the window man. That big hoarding.

Me: Yea the Colgate one.

She: Is my teeth like that?

Me: Ha ha. You crave for attention don’t you?

She:Chup. Stop it.

Me: Round face, great smile and perfect alignment of teeth. Deadly combination huh?

She: Oh please.

Me: Okayokay!

She: You said you’re a writer.

Me: Yea that was just to impress you. Nothing much, I write some silly stuff. I don’t want to be introduced as a software engineer. Even if the whole train bursts our company will still have enough people to support for their weekend activities.

She: Ha ha. What do you write?

Me: I said na.Just some silly stuff. For one I want to be famous I’ll do anything for that. But writing, it kinda gives me a liberating feel you know. Not the kind of liberation one feels after getting drunk. It’s a different, different feel where I can put my inferiority complex to best use. It liberates the soul. I feel free. It makes me happy. That’s the most important thing.

She: So you drink? Huh.

Me: At least I’m honest enough to accept that.

She: That’s nothing great ok.

Me: Still… There are people who pretend to be nice. I’m honest. I don’t like to hide anything. I can’t lie moreover.

She: You like write what? Love story? Thriller?Horror?

Me: Hmm I don’t know in what category I can exactly define myself. My life is my inspiration so I write mostly on what happened in my life. Because only if I had been in the situation I can be true right? I want to be true to my writing.

She:Yaya. When do you feel like writing?

Me:Mostly at dawn. After 9pm, after my dinner, after finishing off with my diary.

She:No no. I mean does writing depend on your mood. I don’t know how to ask. I’ve never really written something.

Me:Yaya I get it. Hmm I mostly write when I’m in an extreme condition that is when I’m either too happy or too sad or frustrated or irritated or so on. That ‘too happy’ thing doesn’t happen often. I mostly write when I’m frustrated and I’m always frustrated. I have one reason or the other to worry.

She:Then all your stories are frustu stories huh. Ha ha.

Me:No no frustration just inspires me. Once I get into the story the flow comes automatically. You become the character you see. The whole world around you dances as per your tunes. You write a sentence and you see that happening around you. You get to get into the others shoes. It’ll make you think more. Make you less angry because you know how the others are feeling at that moment. It’s like creating an universe with all your alter egos.

She:Frustration inspires you eh? Super.

Me:One of my friend said that she likes it when I’m super frustrated. All my blabber she finds it so good when I’m at the epitome of frustration.

She:Ha ha. What if it frustrates others too? How do you accept criticism?

Me:That’s another problem I take criticism too personally. It’s tough for me when someone says your work is not good.

She:Why? Each one have their own opinion isn’t it.

Me:Ya I’m not saying that I don’t accept criticism. Yes it helps you grow as a writer but at the moment its tough but…

She:You feel bad is it?

Me:Ya I feel bad but its ok I like people being honest with me. Also criticism helps you improve so much. After some time I feel happy that someone has taken so much effort to read my work, analyze and then criticize. Another thing is this, creation gives you such good feel.

She:You’re not confident of yourself that’s why you feel bad.

Me:That’s right too. You girls have this privilege of giving birth. That’s why I guess you don’t feel inferior. You girls know that you have some power with you. That’s why you are always super confident.

She:What’s this now?

Me:Ya really. Girls are always a confident lot. Between guys and girls if you see you can clearly see that girls have higher confidence level. Even some girl with bad vocabulary, grammar etc. is much more confident than a guy of decent vocabulary, diction and all.

She:Is it?

Me:Ya being a girl you wouldn’t have realized but that’s how it is.  I have never seen girls being depressed, frustrated and all. Even if it does happen it happens because of guys. Otherwise they’re just a happy lot.

She:You have a point here. It’s only you guys who make us frustrated. No one else.

Me:I said that just for an example. There’s no mistake of guys in it. This is their way of impressing you. It’s not easy to get on the knees and say I love you. It takes a lot of courage to do that, that too in front of a whole lot of crowd. But you don’t like it. You girls get annoyed by that. You don’t think what all he’d have undergone to do that, losing his self-respect, his image and all. What do you girls really like? Is there any fool proof method of impressing a girl?

She:Nope. Each girl is different. The way you guys try to impress us. Pathetic. It only annoys us more.

Me:Then how really should I woo a girl. Give me tips na. I know for sure. No girl is going to be impressed with literature. You cannot woo a girl with literature. Period.

She:That’s right but there is no hard fast rule. Depends on the girl.

Me:Duh! No girl gives me an answer for this.

She:Let’s stop it here. This whole girl vs boy thing. There never really is an end to it.


She:Hmm… So…                              

Me:So what? Do you believe in love?


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