After Sunset – Chapter 1/3

Posted: May 13, 2012 in Movie Reviews
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Me: Excuse me.

She: Yes.

Me: Can I sit here?

She:Ya one sec let me remove my bag.

Me: Hmm. Thank ya.

She: It’s ok.

Me: What’s that you’re watching?

She: Movie.

Me: Yea I know that. What movie?

She: Before Sunrise.

Me: Oh wow! My favorite.

She: Is it? Was it good?

Me: Not just good. It’s the best love story I’ve ever watched.

She: Ok now don’t spoil the suspense. I’ve hardly started watching it.

Me: There is no surprise in it. They talk, talk and talk.

She: Oh ok.

Me: But you don’t seem to be among the talkative lot. You always come by this train plug your earphones and start watching something in your tab.

She: Oh now that’s a shock. Are you my stalker?

Me: I can’t go so far to say that I’m your stalker but I do notice you all the time.

She: Well that doesn’t make much difference. By the way I’m…

Me: No stop. I don’t want to know your name in fact I don’t want to know anything about you.

She: What?

Me: Yea I love the anonymity between people. The way we discover each other blabla…

She: You what a psychiatrist or something?

Me: No I’m a writer. I guess I can call myself so.

She: Interesting… tell me more.

Me:  I like this anonymity you see. Just me and she.

She: You mean you and I?

Me: No me and she will look good before colon. I like these error filled sentences.

She: Man you’re crazy.

Me: I like this compliment, especially coming from girls.

She: I don’t like these crazy looking guys.

Me: It still is a compliment for me.

She: Okay. Tell me what else?

Me: You asking me that? Hmm… what else… we both work in the same company.

She: Is it? But I’ve hardly seen you.

Me: Yea I’ve always been this anonymous guy. The guy, you know when the camera zooms in to a person people go out of focus right. I’m one of them. I mean the one who goes out of focus and when you go for a walk you see millions of people out of which some peoples face you remember. I’m one of those you’d have seen just before seeing those faces.

She: Ha ha. You’re funny. But come on, in a company with strength of 15,000 people how I could have seen you. The probability is very less right?

Me: That’s a optimistic way of looking at things.

She: Hmm so.

Me: You can close your iPad or tab or whatever it is.

She: What I’ll do closing it.

Me: I’m here na. You won’t get bored talking with me. I promise. I’m a great conversationalist.

She: Yes in fact you are. Here I close this.

Me: Oh you’ve changed your bag. What happened to your multi colored bag of yours.

She: Man how long you’ve been following me.

Me: Just two months.

She: Two months have you been coming by same train and I haven’t seen you. How come?

Me: That’s me, the typical loser guy. I’m not a cynosure of all eyes like you. Only pretty girls like you get noticed here. That too being a North Indian you stand out from the crowd.

She: Ahem ahem.

Me:Really one of my friends is so pissed off of not knowing Hindi because he couldn’t talk to you girls. You girls talk only to your set of boys.

She:Ha ha who’s that?

Me: Just one of my friends. Ok let’s drop the topic I don’t wanna hear you say that I’ve never seen you, I‘ve never noticed you etc.

She: But seriously…

Me: It’s ok yaar drop it. Guys don’t like to hear these things. Things like this and when we message you girls reply asking ‘who is this?’ We just don’t like it.

She: She might have lost the number. Then how do you suppose someone to ask who you are?

Me: No I’m just saying.

She: Ok fine.

Me: Am I boring you.

She: Not really but you’re not letting me sleep.

Me:It’s ok don’t sleep this one day.

She: Hah you’ve just met me and you’re asking me not to sleep, that too directly to my face. Great!

Me: Why are you reacting as if I’ve asked you for a date? I don’t want to miss out this chance. I don’t know whether I’ll have courage to come and talk to you again.

She: How come you came today?

Me: I don’t know may be the Friday effect I guess. I get all happy on Fridays you see. These window panes, light from the hoardings forming a certain pattern and getting into the train, the time when twilight fades out and the darkness creeps in. Though it happens daily it’s only on Friday I like it.

She: Is that only you?

Me: Ha ha you too? Join the club. Because I’ve seen people who are so interested in work. I don’t know what’s so interesting in coding.

She: Even I’m trying to figure that out.

Me: Good! You seem to be just like me. I didn’t know that you talk so well. Thanks.

She: So you judge the person without even knowing them is it?

Me: It’s not judging it’s just…

She:Mathlab before talking to a person you think about them beforehand itself.

Me: Hmm in a way yes. You instantly get an opinion about a person right? You see someone, you like them. You see someone, you hate them? Just an instantaneous reaction.

She: I don’t do that so I don’t know.

Me: But my instincts have failed with you. I didn’t know that you’re fun to be with. You’re all smiles and all. You know that smile, the way one feels when you’re really smiling. That…

She: Smiling from within huh?

Me: Yea that’s what, smiling from within. That’s the word. That big broad smile that puts others at ease and sometimes makes you dizzy too.

She: Ha ha. Ok.

Me:You tell me how it feels to be beautiful.


Me:Ya because you see I’ve been this ugly duckling all along I don’t know how one feels when you know that you’re really beautiful. You know you’re beautiful right?

She:Man what kind of question is this. I’ve never thought of it.

Me: See I’m sure you’d have got a lot of fans, lot of guys behind you, proposals etc. I’m asking how do you feel when all these things happen?Like, being famous.

She:Oh please. I’m sick of these guys who follow me. I just hate them.

Me:Then if given an option between money and fame what’d you choose?


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