The girl who sat next to me – Part-9

Posted: April 22, 2012 in Movie Reviews
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“Ok bye. All the best in life. If fate permits lets meet in some other bus journey” I said.

“Yea you too. Take care of yourself. Give Nive a hug on my behalf” she said.

She went towards the entrance to take an auto and I went towards the car park.


Neema was standing there right at the entrance of the car park. As soon as she saw me she came running and jumped on me.

“Happy birthday Vikram” she said and kissed my check.

“Neema!Public, please” I said.

“It’s my husband. I will kiss him anytime and anywhere I want. I don’t worry who sees and who doesn’t”

“You are reacting as if I’m returning from Bangkok”

“Still I missed you a lot. It’s been threeeeeeeeeeee days” Neema said.

“Ok now get down from me. Already I have 15 Kg in my hand I can handle another 60 Kg.”

“It’s 58 now” she said getting down from me. I stretched my muscles to show that I was tired.

“When we were in love you were lifting me as if you were lifting a feather but now see you’re reacting as if an asteroid has fallen on you.” She said with a mock anger and turned her face 180 degree.

It felt great seeing Neema after a gap of three days. Even I missed her a lot but just this hugging and kissing with so many people around I wasn’t comfortable. Yes I did all this when I was in love but being a matured individual I tried to avoid it. Neema never really minds these things.

“Ok how is my darling?”

“I’m your darling,” she said playfully.

“Ok darling how’s my other darling Nive”

“She’s there with her grandpa where our car is parked. He doesn’t even let her feet touch the ground”

“You’ve brought here even my dad huh? What am I coming back with an Olympic gold medal”

“Ha ha not only your dad, aunty is also here”

“Superb my whole family has come to bus terminus to welcome me. Thanks for the hero’s welcome.”

“Ha ha. Tell me did you sleep well yesterday?”

“I didn’t sleep at all. I had company?”

“What? You didn’t sleep the whole night?”

“Yes there was someone who sat next to me I told her a story to cheer her up”

“Someone as in? Boy or girl?” She asked me arching her eyebrows.

“Ha ha girl”

“Why are you laughing for that? I just wanted to know”

“Ha ha ok ok”

“Don’t laugh,” said she and hit my left arm again.

“My hands are paining hitting you”

I smiled back. She had many questions which she asked while walking to our car.

“What story you told?”

“Our story”

“Oh oh I think before the world ends everyone will come to know of our story”

“May be, you know how I tell stories”

“Ya I know. Poor girl she didn’t know that she’ll be featured in your next story. Somebody is surely gonna sue you someday for using their name without permission”

“Let’s see when it happens” said I.

We had reached the area where our car was parked. As soon as Nive saw me she jumped out my dad’s hand and came running towards me.

“Careful,” shouted my always worrying dad.

After Neema it was her daughters turn to jump on me. This time I didn’t find it tough to lift someone who is around 50 Kg less than the other. She came forward to kiss me on my left cheek.  I showed her my right cheek instead.

“Kiss me here darling your mom has already made my left cheek wet.” Without protesting my angel gave me a sweet kiss on my right cheek.

I was lifting Nive on my right hand and I had put my left hand on Neema’s shoulder and walking towards my mom and dad who were so happy to see me back all in one piece.

I like lifting Nive with one hand and putting another hand around her mom’s shoulder. There is a big portrait of us in this pose in our hall.

“Ok get into the car. The road will get crowded in a while” said I to my family members.

“Don’t be in a hurry dude” said Neema.

Nive imitated her mom, “Don’t be in a hurry dude” she said and laughed. Nive irritates Neema whenever she calls me dude.

And as usual Neema gave her usual reply, “Don’t dude dad.” Nive looked at me with her pleasing eyes and said, “Daddy.”

“It’s ok Neema,” said I. Nive showed her tongue to Neema. Neema came forward to give her a fake slap. I pulled Nive away from her mom.

“Ok ok you both be good children and sit in the car,” said I and took the driver seat. Nive wanted to sit in my lap, Neema didn’t allow at first but she protested and made it finally.

“It’ll disturb daddy, come here sit in my lap,” said Neema.

“I want daddy’s lap,” said Nive.

“It’s ok let her sit.There won’t be much traffic now” said I and started to take reverse. My dad was also looking behind and instructing me. He has been doing this since for the past 10 years. I don’t know whether it’s due to the lack of confidence in me or his over protective nature.

Once I took reverse I did a U-turn and stood in the queue where cars were exiting one by one.

“Hey Neema today is your salsa performance right. Have you finished practicing?”

“Only now you remember huh?”

“Ok tell me”

“Yea everything is done. Come to the auditorium sharp at 6. If you come late I’m going to kill you”

Nive was hitting the horn while we were taking and imitating it too, “paampaaaam, paampaam”

“Take your hands Nive the people in front will get annoyed” said I to Nive.

There was only one car in front of us. He gave the bill and went out crossing the speed breaker cautiously. Next was our turn.

“Neema give me the ticket soon.People are waiting behind” I asked her but she was in no sense of hurry. She slowly opened her purse and handed me the parking receipt. I gave to the one who collects them. He took it and allowed us to pass.

Right when our car was about to cross someone came in the middle. I had to apply my break immediately to avoid hitting her.

She apologized immediately and asked, “Sorry sorry” but I couldn’t hear her voice as I had closed my windows for AC.

Then she started staring at me. She stared at me all the while till while she was crossingItoo continually staring at her. Only after the car behind honked the horn I left from that place.

“Who is it?” Neema asked carelessly digging something in her purse.

“Rashmi” said I. Neema looked at me with questioning eyes.

I replied, “The girl who sat next to me.”




P.S: Dedicated to the girl who sat next to me.


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