The girl who sat next to me – Part-8

Posted: April 22, 2012 in Movie Reviews
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“Only now I’m clear Vikram. It’s over and that’s it.”

Nive was happily playing with a paper weight without knowing what was happening. They tried to get hold of her too but I took her and went to my room. Yes room. It’s not a home anymore without Neema.


 “Hey you don’t have to take it so personally. It’s all done and dusted.” I said to Rashmi whose eyes were again getting filled with tears.

She turned to the other side and wiped her eyes with her hankie. “But how do you manage to be like this even after such an incident?”

“I’m happy that at least I’m not officially divorced and I hope that I get my Neema back again sometime in near future”

“You surely will,” Rashmi tried consoling me.

“But I’ve Nive. She’s five years old and my whole life revolves around her. She is one of the main reasons I’m still not frustrated of life”

She gave an understanding nod. “But doesn’t she miss her mom? I’m sorry to ask such a question”

“No it’s ok. By now she has got used to it but sometimes she asks that too during her last birthday she started crying and asked me to take her to Neema. She refused even to eat. ”

“Then?” asked Rashmi.


It was Nive’s fourth birthday. From the morning she began pestering me to take to her mom. I didn’t know how she got the idea but I couldn’t pacify her. We both started off in our car without knowing where to go.

She was not her cheerful self that day. She kept her hands folded and was staring at the road all the while.

“Nive should I switch on the music player” I asked her to start a conversation for which she didn’t reply.

“Nive shall I switch off the AC and open the windows. You like air blowing through your hair isn’t it?” I asked again for which she didn’t reply.

“Nive talk to daddy what do you want?”

“I want mom” she said and kept quiet. I didn’t have an answer and so kept quiet.

At that point a black Avenger overtook my car, when I saw the number plate I was shocked. It was my vehicle. I was even more shocked when I saw my sister sitting in the pillion having her hand on some random guy’s shoulder.

I sped immediately and followed them. They both went to a petrol bunk to fill petrol. I parked my car and asked Nive to stay inside and walked furiously towards them.

Seeing me my sister let out a huge cry but all the while I was staring at that guy.

“Vikram…” She exclaimed.

“Who the hell is she?” I asked her staring at him.

“He’s my fiancé. Ashok”

Only then I realized it’s not only I who age and even my sister would have aged. She was 24 at that time. The same time I got married. May be too early for a guy but right age for a girl.

“Oh ok” I said without knowing what to say.

“Can we sit and talk somewhere” she asked me for which I nodded. She was wearing pink sari. That was the first time I saw my sister in sari. She looked more matured. She looked like she was ready to get married.

After few formal exchanges with her fiancé we settled in a coffee shop. Café coffee day again.Jhanvi came alone.

“Why didn’t he come?” I asked Jhanvi.

“No I wanted to talk to you alone so asked him to stay there” said she.

“Hmmm so how are you?” I asked her.

“I’m good. How are you?”

“Hmm going…”

“You look all matured in sari and all. You’ve really grown up” I said.

“Even you’ve grown old. Your specs has got big you’re more bald but still you look more handsome than you were back then. Neema’s magic I guess” she said smiling all the while.

We didn’t really know what to talk. It was an awkward moment sitting with your own sister in coffee shop. We’ve surely lost our intimacy. It was not like 5 years before when we used to fight even for chocolates. I ordered coffee for both.

“I don’t drink coffee. Have you forgotten?” she asked me. I felt bad. I didn’t know what all I had forgotten. She ordered a milk shake for herself.

“Are you still angry with dad?” she asked me suddenly.

“Not really, nowadays I don’t mind anything. At least in those days there was someone to scold” I said in a plain voice.

“You know why he did?”

“Hmm hmm.” I gave her a blank look.

“He wanted you to be happy with Neema that’s why he asked you to go out of the house” she said. I was looking at her and prodding her to talk more.

“You know about our family and relatives right. If he had said yes you would have got married but they would have totally isolated our family especially you two and my marriage would have been affected also”

“He didn’t want that to happen, he didn’t want them to isolate you and compelling you to marry some other girl was also not his idea. He knows you wouldn’t be happy marrying some other girl. He knows everything Vikram” she said.

He surely does. My dad surely does know everything. My eyes were becoming moist with tears.

“You’re going to make me cry in public Jhanvi” said I.

“No brother, be strong. You are a family man now. You’ve to be strong.” She said trying to cheer me up.

“Tell me about your fiancé.” I desperately wanted to change the mood of the situation so asked about him

“He’s working in Intel. We’ll go to Manhattan as soon as our marriage gets over. Our parents will also come with us”


“Why?” she asked.

“For saying ‘our’ instead of ‘my’”

“Come on bro don’t get too sentimental. Doesn’t look good on you. Wish me good luck for marriage”

I gave my hands for shake hand.

“Give me a hug man” said she and we both hugged each other.

I paid the bill and we walked out of the coffee shop. “Ok good luck, have a great life ahead” said I.

“Why you’re in such a hurry, come have lunch with us”

“It’s ok. Nive would be waiting in car I’ve to hurry”


“Oh ya my kid”

“Wow can I meet her?”

“No Jhanvi, can you see that Alto there. It’s her sitting there with hands folded. She is in bad mood today and I can’t explain her about you so please understand”

“Oh she doesn’t even know that you have a sister. It’s ok.”

“I’m sorry”

“It’s ok bro carry on.”

Ashok came there in my bike or his bike then and we both shook hands as Jhanvi sat in the bike.

“Bro don’t forget someone is watching what you’re doing so keep her happy,” said I like a typical bro. I so badly wanted to ride my bike again but didn’t as it would increase my temptation

I left the place waving good bye to her and my bike. Nive’s mood still was damp. I had to take her to zoo, jump like a monkey, and roar like a lion and roam the whole day to cheer her. She slept due to fatigue but I couldn’t as I met one of my family members after a gap of 5 years.


“It’s time to get up the time is 5:45” my alarm tone shrieked.

“It’s Monday na that’s why. I set up alarm in the morning” I said looking at her. I switched off the alarm.

“Hey are you okay. We have almost reached CMBT”

“I’m fine” she said.

“That’s better”

She smiled and replied, “Do you get up this early in the morning?”

“Yes I’ve my company bus coming to my stop at 6.30 so have to” said I and stood up to take the luggage.

Even she had kept the luggage there so I helped her with her luggage too. Bus had entered into the bus terminus and all the people were getting ready to get down first.

“Thanks” she said.

“It’s ok”

“No. Thanks really for everything.” she said.

I didn’t ask what she meant by that because I exactly knew what she might have wanted to tell. We got down from the bus and shook hands with each other.

“Ok bye. All the best in life. If fate permits lets meet in some other bus journey” I said.

“Yea you too. Take care of yourself. Give Nive a hug on my behalf” she said.

She went towards the entrance to take an auto and I went towards the car park.



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